Geoscience Equipment Inventory

Title Equipment Type Description
Coy Anaerobic Chamber Inert Atmosphere Chamber

Coy anaerobic chamber (Type C, model 7100-000) with auto airlock for wet and dry sample preparations, 5% H2/95% N2 mix atmosphere, and auto injection system.

Fisher Scientific General Purpose Refrigerator Temperature Control

Fisher Scientific General Purpose refrigerator.

Fisher Scientific Isotemp Freezer Temperature Control

Fisher Scientific Isotemp Freezer.

Fisherbrand Traceable Bench Conductivity Meter Meter

Fisherbrand Traceable Bench Conductivity meter with conductivity range 0.01μS to 200mS, accuracy ±0.3%. Meter also measures resistivity , TDS, concentration, temperature and salinity.

Mettler AG204 Analytical Balance Analytical Balance

Mettler AG204 analytical balance, 0 - 210 g ± 0.1 mg.

Mettler PG5002-S Balance Analytical Balance

Mettler PG5002-S top-loading balance, 0 - 5.1 Kg ± .01 g.

Milli-Q Advantage Water System Ultrapure Water

Milli-Q Advantage water system, resistivity 18.2MΩ.cm, TOC <5ppb, Bacteria <0.1cfu/mL, RNAses <0.01ng/mL. Flow rate ~2L/min.

Orion 720 pH Meter pH Meter

(2) Orion 720 pH meters available.

Orion ROSS Combination Electrodes Meter

Orion ROSS combination electrodes.

Shaker Shaker

Shaker available upon request.

Sorvall Biofuge Fresco Centrifuge Centrifuge

Sorvall Biofuge fresco centrifuge, max 13,000 rpm, fits 1.5mL & 2.0mL microtubes.

Test Tube Rotator Rotator

Test tube rotator (up to 50 mL size).

Biology Chemistry & Material Science Labs

Grace Tang | (650) 926-3467


BCM 1 Laboratory

The BioChemMat Lab 1 is a broad purpose wet lab that contains common lab reagents, equipment & supplies, a cold room, and an inert atmosphere chamber.
Map to SSRL's building 120.

Biology Chemistry & Material Science Labs

Grace Tang | (650) 926-3467


BCM 2 Laboratory

The BioChemMat Lab 2 is a broad purpose wet lab similar to BCM 1. However, it is larger in size than BCM 1 and has broader equipment resources.
Map to SSRL's building 131.

Geoscience Preparation Laboratory

Grace Tang | (650) 926-3467


Geoscience Laboratory

The Geoscience Lab contains common lab reagents, equipment & supplies and inert atmosphere chambers. Work areas for radioactive materials and nanomaterials are available.
Map to SSRL's building 131.