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October 1996
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Director's Report Arthur Bienenstock
SSRL Management Structure is Reorganized to
Streamline and Better Integrate Operations and Research Functions
Keith Hodgson
SSRL User Area Facelift Suzanne Barrett
Safety Considerations at SSRL Ian Evans
Protein Crystallography Scheduling Update Marjorie St. Pierre
XREFLECTION: A New Graphical Database
and Optics Simulation Utility at SSRL
Ted Cremer and Roman Tatchyn
The Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) Max Cornacchia
Upgraded Computer Hardware and Software for SSRL
Beam Lines
Graham George
Accelerator Projects Richard Boyce
Orbit Alignment and Stability Jeff Corbett
Plans to Stabilize Collective Beam Motion in SPEAR Robert Hettel
Beam Line 9: A Newly Commissioned Station Tom Rabedeau
First Experiments on the New Protein
Crystallography Beam Line 9-1, and Future Plans
Michael Soltis, Peter Kuhn, and Paul Phizackerley
An Update on Beam Line 11 Dedicated to Molecular
Environmental Studies
Tom Rabedeau and Gordon Brown
A Normal Incidence Monochromator on Beam Line 5 Michael Rowen
New SAXS Capabilities on Beam Line 4-2 Hirotsugu Tsuruta
Advances in Micro-Contamination Studies Sean Brennan and Piero Pianetta
Summer Student Activities Lisa Dunn
Endings of Eras - John Cerino and Katherine Cantwell Ron Gould

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SLAC December 2, 1996
L. Dunn