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This page is concerned with officially published documents about work done for the LCLS project. It is not addressing project internal documents and drawings. The links below are intended to provide help with both the retrieval of previously published documents as well as the publication of new documents.

Retrieving Publication References and Online Publications

LCLS Publications can be found through the following channels:

    LCLS Technical Notes

    Listing of LCLS Related Publications

    SLAC Document Finder

Publishing Documents for the LCLS Project

Work for the LCLS project can be documented in the form of Internal Publications at the collaborating institutions (SLAC, ANL, LLNL, and UCLA), LCLS Technotes, Journal Articles, Conference and Workshop Procedures, and others. All these publications are subject to the LCLS Publication Rules.

When an LCLS Technote is submitted (see the introduction of the top of Technotes page for instuctions), it will be autmatically registered as a SLAC-TN unless the author indicates at submission that the note to be registered as an LCLS Technote has already been registered as a SLAC publication.

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