If you have a valid badge and your training is up to date, then you should be able to swipe and go.

If this is your first time, or if your badge has expired, then Security will check to see if you’re on the SSRL and LCLS User Access List.  The list is linked to the registrations and proposals in the SSRL and LCLS User Portal, so if you’ve registered and are on the list, and are associated with an accepted proposal/beam time, then you’ll be given a temporary badge to let you through.  If you’re

If you’re a FACET and Test Beam Facility user, non-U.S. citizens need to give advanced notice of their arrival to the FACET User Manager. Some international users are required to arrive during working hours, so if this requirement applies to you, the FACET User Manager can help make arrangements. Most registered international users and all registered US citizens will be able to pick up a temporary badge and dosimeter as long as their registration has been approved.

If you’ve been given a temporary badge, then you’ll need to come to the VUE Center on the next business day to complete your check-in and get your proper badge to avoid any access issues again.

If you haven’t registered in the SSRL and LCLS User Portal and therefore aren’t on the User Access List, or have not registered with the FACET User Portal, or are an international User with the requirement to arrive during working hours, then at this time we won’t be able to grant you access. However, if you are registered at the Stanford Guest House, then you will be able to proceed to the hotel.  You will need to go to the VUE Center on the next business day and User Services will be able to take care of you.  The best way to avoid this situation is to register with your facility as soon as you know you’ll be conducting work at SLAC, so the User Facility can process your registration in time:

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