Bio-Logic SP-200 Potentiostat

Product Description

Bio-Logic SP-200 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/EIS analyzer
*Note: computer not included.
SP-200 with one slot, EIS-capability, Ultra low current electrometer for accuracy down in the fA
Compliance: ±12 V
Control voltage: ±10 V
EIS measurement: 3 MHz (1%, 1°) 7 MHz (3%, 3°)
EIS quality indicators
Current ranges: 500 mA to 1 µA (10 nA with gain)
Current resolution 760 fA (standard board)
Low current: 6 ranges from 100 nA to 1 pA with resolution to 76 aA
Floating mode
Analog filtering
Calibration board
Full stability control mode (9 bandwidths)

Equipment Type
Specialty Lab Equipment
Sample Prep Lab
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