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Safe Performance Observations

The Safe Performance Observation Process is based on principles, skills and techniques for addressing safe and at-risk behaviors. It focuses on observing people and talking with them about ways to work safely.

The LCLS safety philosophy is that all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented. Our Goal is Zero injuries! Safety walkthroughs must be conducted regularly where safe work practices are reinforced and all unsafe conditions are corrected promptly.

The objective of the process is to positively modify behavior with regard to safety by making effective, meaningful safety observations. Further, the process is meant to encourage safe work practices and address unsafe behaviors in the workplace and positively change employee's perspective about safety.

Benefits of the process are that it helps reduce injuries through modification of employee behavior by reinforcing safe work practices and eliminating at-risk behavior. The process raises overall safety awareness and communicates management's commitment to safety.


  - Observation Checklist (enter observations online into SMART)
  - Observation Checklist (printout)

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