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  Meeting Dates: April 27-29, 2005

  Meeting Location: SLAC, Redwood Rooms, ROB Building 48


SLAC has been involved in the EPICS community for a number of years now. The PEP II upgrade used EPICS in the RF control, the Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator, and some other small projects have used EPICS as well. The LINAC Coherent Light Source (LCLS) has chosen EPICS as the basis for its control system. This decision requires a significant effort to further integrate EPICS and the SLAC Linear Colider (SLC) control System. With our newest project using EPICS, it is very timely for us to invite the EPICS community to come back to Stanford and support us with their experience. The LCLS has a number of challenges and will be looking to the community for tools, hardware, ideas, and lessons learned to reduce our schedule and budget risk, while allowing us to focus our development effort on extending tools for use by LCLS and the rest of the community. We look forward to your visit and hope that it is productive for you. We are sure that it will be beneficial to us.

                                                                                                 Ron Chestnut and Bob Dalesio






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Ron Chestnut

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