Department of Energy Review of the
Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) Project

May 10-12, 2005
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center



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Tuesday, 10 May, 2005 - Redwood Room, Building 48

Plenary Session 

 Start   Topic   Speaker
 7:30 am   Buffet Breakfast   Executive Committee 
 8:00 am   Executive Session   Executive Committee 
 9:00 am   Welcome   J. Dorfan
 9:15 am   Welcome/Photon Science at SLAC   K. Hodgson
 9:30 am   Project Overview   J. Galayda
10:00 am   LCLS Integrated Safety Management System   M. Scharfenstein
10:30 am   Project Management   M. Reichanadter
11:00 am   Break    
11:15 am   Injector-Linac System Overview   E. Bong
11:45 am   Undulator System Overview   S. Milton
12:15   Lunch    
 1:00 pm   X-Ray Transport/Optics/Diagnostics Systems Overview   R. Bionta
 1:30 pm   Endstation System Overview   S. Moeller
 2:00 pm   Conventional Facilities Overview   D. Saenz
 2:30 pm   LCLS Global Control Overview   L. Dalesio
 3:00 pm   Break    
 3:30 pm   PIXE Status   J. Arthur
 4:00 pm   Breakout Groups Meet with LCLS Breakout Teams    
 5:00 pm   Executive Session (Plenary)    
 6:30 pm   Hors d'oeuvres  - Cafeteria Patio Area (weather permitting)    
 7:00 pm    Dinner - SLAC Cafeteria Area (Breezeway)   (click here for menu)


Wednesday, 11 May, 2005 - Redwood Room, Building 48

 7:30 am   Buffet Breakfast   Executive Committee
 8:00 am   Breakout Sessions (click for Breakout Sessions Agenda)   Subcommittees
12:00   Lunch    
  1:00 pm   Tour (Linac, Research Yard, Future Construction Site)    
  2:00 pm   Breakout Sessions, (continued if necessary)   Subcommittees
  3:30 pm   Break    
  4:00 pm   Executive Session   Executive Committee
  6:30 pm   Adjourn    


Thursday, 12 May, 2005 - Redwood Room, Building 48

  8:00 am   Buffet Breakfast   Executive Committee
  8:30 am   Closeout Dry Run    
 10:30 am   Closeout   Plenary
 11:30 am   Adjourn    

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