Department of Energy Review of the
Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) Project

Agenda for Breakout Sessions
May 10-12, 2005
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


Wednesday, May 11 - Breakout Sessions (click for printable version)

SC1 / SC2   Accelerator Physics / Injector & Linac                Location: Redwood A


  Topic   Speaker
  8:00 am   Injector Physics Design Considerations   C. Limborg
  8:30 am   Linac Physics Design Considerations   P. Emma
  9:00 am   Drive Laser   S. Gilevich
  9:20 am   Break    
  9:50 am   Diagnostics / Controls Overview   P. Krejcik
10:10 am   RF Status   D. Schultz
10:30 am   Injector Beamline Status   R. F. Boyce
11:00 am   Injector-Linac Long-Lead Procurement Status   E. Bong
11:30 am   Construction / Installation Planning   R. M. Boyce

SC3   Undulator       Location: Redwood  B
  Start   Topic   Speaker
  8:00 am   Undulator Physics Considerations / Commissioning   H-D. Nuhn
  8:30 am   Undulator Scope, Management & Organization   S. Milton
  9:00 am   LCLS Alignment and System at SLAC   R. Ruland
  9:30 am   Break    
10:00 am   Undulator Long-Lead Procurement Status   M. White
10:30 am   Undulator Integration Test Status   G. Pile
11:00 am   Undulator BPM Diagnostics, R&D Plans   P. Krejcik
11:30 am   Discussions    


SC4 / SC10

   Photon Beam Handling Systems     Location: Cedar
  Start   Topic   Speaker
  8:00 am   Photon System Overview   J. Arthur
  8:30 am   XTOD Scope & Management, Diagnostics & Commissioning   R. Bionta
  9:00 am   XTOD Mechanical & Vacuum Systems   D. McMahon
  9:30 am   X-Ray Endstations Design & Management / Commissioning   S. Moeller
 10:00 am   Break    
 10:30 am   PIXE Physics Requirements   J. Hastings
 11:00 am   PIXE Conceptual Design Plan: Staffing, Schedule   J. Arthur
11:30 am   Discussion    

SC5   Control Systems   Location: Madrone
  Start   Topic   Speaker
  8:00 am   Physics Requirements for Control System   P. Krejcik
  8:30 am   SLC-aware IOC   S. Allison
  8:45 am   Timing   D. Kotturi
  9:00 am   Wiring, Racks, AC Distribution   M. Ortega
  9:15 am   Personnel Protection Systems   P. Bong
  9:30 am   Break    
10:00 am   Motion Control   J. Stein
10:15 am   Vacuum Control   S. Lewis
10:30 am   Beam Position Monitors   T. Straumann
10:45 am   Wire Scanners / Collimators   D. Murray 
11:00 am   Power Supplies   K. Luchini
11:15 am   Low-Level RF   D. Kotturi
11:30 am   Discussion    

SC6 / SC9   Conventional Facilities / ES&H   Location: Redwood C
 Start   Topic   Speaker
  8:00 am   Physics Requirements for Conventional Facilities   J. Welch
  8:30 am   Conventional Facilities Scope, Management & Organization   D. Saenz
  9:00 am   CM/GC Overview   D. Saenz
  9:30 am   Break    
10:00 am   LCLS Construction ES&H   R. Hislop
10:30 am   Sector 20   J. B. Folger
11:00 am   Magnetic Measurement Facility   J. Sevilla
11:30 am   Discussion    

updated schedule

SC7 / SC8


Project Management,                    Procurement and  Pre-Operations

  Location: Redwood D
  Start   Topic   Speaker
  8:00 am   Project Management Planning & Controls   M. Reichanadter
  8:30 am   LCLS Startup, Commissioning & Future Scenarios   J. Galayda
  9:00 am   PIXE / LCLS Management Structure and Organization   J. Arthur
  9:30 am   Break    
10:00 am   SLAC Organization in FY09 and Beyond   J. Dorfan
10:45 am   Discussions    

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