CXI Final Instrument Design Review


June 3, 2009

Location: SSRL 2nd Floor Conference Room, Building 137E, Room 226

Agenda   w Backup Documents  w Charge to Committee

Time Topic Speaker
  8:00 Executive Session  
  8:30 Welcome/Introduction T. Fornek
  8:45 Science Program and Team Leader's Update J. Miao
  9:00 FEH Hutch Update J. Arthur
  9:15 Cornell Detector Status N. van Bakel
  9:45 Break  
10:15 Instrument Goals & Requirements S. Boutet
11:00 CXI Component Status, Cost and Schedule P. Montanez
12:15 Lunch  
  1:15 Common Optics and Diagnostics Status E. Ortiz
  1:45 CXI Photon Controls and Data Systems G. Haller
  2:15 Safety M. Scharfenstein
  2:30 Discussion/Questions  
  3:00 Break  
  3:15 Executive Session & Report Writing  
  4:30 Closeout