Workshop on STXM and X-ray Nanoprobe Capabilities and Needs for
Geo-, Environmental, and Biological Sciences.

July 9-10, 2007

Registration is now available.

  The scope of the workshop is to identify key challenges in environmental, geo-, and biosciences that can be addressed using the unique spectromicroscopy capabilities provided by x-ray nanoprobes like for example Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy (STXM). The workshop program, which consists of 16 invited talks and two breakout sessions, will also include contributions from international experts in nanoprobe optics as well as detector and endstation hardware. We will in particular focus on the following three issues that are most relevant for the conception and design of a future US synchrotron based nanoprobe facility:
  1. What are the key future scientific directions and facility needs?
  2. What are the current planned capabilities of STXM facilities in the US for geo-, environmental and biosciences?
  3. How do different facilities around the globe compare to each other?




Confirmed speakers

  • H. Ade, North Carolina State University
  • G.E. Brown Jr., Stanford University
  • D. Glesne, Argonne National Laboratory
  • C. Jacobsen, State University New York Stony Brook
  • B. Lai, Advanced Photon Source
  • C. Larabell, University of California San Francisco
  • P. Lay, University of Sydney
  • S. Myneni, Princeton University
  • M. Obst, Canadian Light Source
  • H. Ohldag, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
  • T. Schäfer, INE Karlsruhe
  • J. Susini, European Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
  • J. Thieme, University of Göttingen
  • T. Tyliszczak, Advanced Light Source
  • T. Warwick, Advanced Light Source
  • W. Yun, XRADIA Inc.

The cost is $125.