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EXAFS 2017 - SSRL Summer School on Synchrotron X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

EXAFS 2017 - SSRL Summer School on Synchrotron X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
June 19 - June 23, 2017

For your references, we will be using the software Athena/Artemis for data analysis. Download the software. We would like you to download the software and make sure it can open properly on your laptops. We will provide you with other material closer to the summer school.

SSRL will conduct the 2017 SSRL Summer School on Synchrotron X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Imaging between June 19 and June 23. The five-day session will provide training in XAS and Imaging theory, experimental design, data acquisition strategies and FEFF based EXAFS data analysis useful to both new and experienced users. Examples will be highlighted in various fields. The two-day practical training session will focus on teaching detailed sample preparation and data acquisition procedures at SSRL beam lines 4-1, 7-3 and 9-3 and 2-3. Data processing and analysis techniques will be covered on subsequent days and will include introductions to EXAFS data fitting on simple systems leading into more involved data analysis methods to tackle difficult problems, such as constraining co-varying structural parameters and thermal factors, strategies on fitting mixtures of species, low signal-to-noise-ratio data and quantitatively linking shells together to test structure models. The parallel session for XAS imaging data acquisition and analysis will cover sample preparation, methods for optimal data collection, hands-on data analysis using the imaging data analysis software, microanalysis toolkit. The final day of the summer school will be targeted towards experienced users and will include lectures on near-edge analysis techniques, combining advanced spectroscopic techniques with EXAFS and guidelines for proper reporting of EXAFS data. The final afternoon session will cover advanced features of FEFF and new analysis methods based on the CORVUS workflow tool developed by Prof. J. Rehr and collaborators (UW and SLAC-TIMES). This will be followed by a participant driven small-group 1-on-1 session for in-depth analysis of specific problems.

Students and researchers wishing to participate in the Summer School must first apply to attend through the school web portaland should select either Imaging or EXAFS hands-on data analysis session. Once accepted, the participant will be informed to follow the requirements for the registration process. Space is limited and interested participants are requested to submit an application early. The deadline to submit an application is April 10th, 2017 and accepted participants will be notified by April 25th, 2017 to register on the portal.

The Summer School will be chaired by SSRL Staff Scientist Ritimukta Sarangi with extensive support from several SSRL personnel. The Summer School will be held at SSRL with additional facilities used at the SLAC National Acceleratory Laboratory site. Funding for the SMB Summer School program is provided by NIH, DOE-BES, and DOE-BER.

We look forward to your participation and a fruitful Summer School.

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