LCLS Update

J. Galayda

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory/Tech Div., SLAC, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94309

The LCLS Project will enter the Project Engineering Design phase with the start of Fiscal Year 2003. The proposed construction schedule begins with long-lead procurements in FY2005 and groundbreaking for civil construction in FY2006. The target date for first light from the laser is September 2007. Laser commissioning will continue in parallel with civil construction and installation of endstation systems. The Project will be completed at the end of FY2008.

SLAC, Argonne National Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory will be partners in the construction effort.

A Conceptual Design Report was reviewed with satisfactory results by the Department of Energy in April 2002. The CDR is available at The project scope includes endstation hutches, computer/controls infrastructure and prototype x-ray optics specified to anticipate the initial requirements of the LCLS scientific research activities. R&D progress and plans for development of the LCLS science program will be discussed.

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