SPEAR 3 Status Report

T. Elioff

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, SLAC, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94309

At the end of FY 02, the SPEAR 3 Project is 75% complete in terms of accomplishments and overall progress. In the area of conventional construction, the accelerator shielding modifications for 500 mA stored beam have been accomplished. Only improvements to the cooling water systems remain to be completed.

All magnet fabrications and associated magnetic measurements were completed this year. The vacuum system fabrication schedule has been more difficult-50% completion at this time with full completion projected for March 03. The overall RF system has proceeded as planned except for the RF cavity production which is behind schedule due to problems at the manufacturer. With production modifications delivery of four cavities is projected by March 03. Other technical systems are proceeding as planned.

The major installation is scheduled from April 03 through September 03. A detailed plan has been prepared and presented to the DoE Review committee. Final optimization of the installation plan is underway together with preparations for beam commissioning.

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