On the Possibility of Using Next-Generation X-ray Sources to Determine Structures of Membrane Proteins in 2-Dimensional Crystals

M. Becker

Biology Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory

It has been proposed that hard X-Ray Free Electron Lasers, such as the Linac Coherent Light Source, may be useful for structure determination of membrane proteins in 2-D crystals [1,2]. More recently, several proposals to develop Energy Recovery Linacs have emerged. Both types of future X-Ray sources are expected to provide hard X-Ray pulses that are ultrashort (about 100 or 200 fs in pulse length) and ultrabright (orders of magnitude brighter than current sources); these characteristics are essential for high-resolution structure determination of protein monolayer samples. Aims, techniques, hurdles, and other relevant issues will be addressed.
  1. Becker, M. (1999) Biophysical Journal 76, A121.
  2. Becker, M. (1999) "Transparencies from the EMBO Workshop: Potential Future Applications in Structural Biology of an X-Ray Free Electron Laser at DESY", EMBL, Hamburg, pp. 184-198.

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