A workshop on

Practical Aspects of X-ray Powder Diffraction Using Synchrotron Radiation

Will be held at SSRL as a part of the
25th Annual Users' Conference

Date: Wed., 21st Oct. 1998


                                                       Apurva Mehta (SSRl)
                                                       Dave Cox (NSLS/BNL)
                                                       Richard Harlow (E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Co.)
                                                       Poul Norby (University of Aarhus)
                                                       Larry Finger (Geophysical Lab.)
                                                       Damodara Poojary (Symyx Technologies)
                                                       Bob Von Dreele (LANL)
                                                       Robert Dinnebier (University of Bayreuth)
                                                       Angus Lawson (LANL)

Program Details


For more details contact: Apurva Mehta or John Arthur



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