LCLS Archived Beamline Design Optics Files

NOTE: the current LCLS Beamline Design Optics files have been moved.

NOTE: the files linked in the table below correspond to the 28MAY10 (May 28, 2010) release

NOTE: other archived releases can be found here

Input Files
--MAD Files: LCLS MAD Deck L1-Linac (As-Built) L2-Linac (As-Built) L3-Linac (As-Built)
--Linac Idealized Files: L1-Linac (Ideal) L2-Linac (Ideal) L3-Linac (Ideal)
MAD Output Files
--Full Machine (in linac coordinates): LCLS Optics/Element List Symbols EXCEL file Survey file Optics Plots
--Gun Spect. (in linac coordinates): Gun-Spect. Optics/Element List Gun-Spect. EXCEL file
--135-MeV Spect. (in linac coordinates): 135-MeV Spect. Optics/Element List 135-MeV-Spect. EXCEL file
--LTU: (in LCLS coordinates) LTU Optics/Element List LTU EXCEL file
--Safety-Dump: (in LCLS coordinates) Safety-Dump Optics/Element List Safety-Dump EXCEL file
--52LINE: (in LCLS coordinates) 52-Line Optics/Element List 52-Line EXCEL file
--Aline: Aline Optics Files  
Other Files
--Woodley's "Super-Spreadsheet" LCLS EXCEL File
--Symbols ".csv" files LCLS CSV Files

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