ECD – The English Country Dance Mailing List

ECD, with members from the US, Canada, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, is a list for the discussion of all aspects, including the aesthetic and the social, of English Country Dance, historical, traditional, and contemporary.

The list was hosted until June 2009 on It is now hosted at See for signup/signoff information

To view a searchable archive of the list from the beginning to the present (even post-bacds transition) click here

To view a monthly archive of the list from 1996 to June 2009, click here

To see the monthly archives from June 2009 forward on the new host, follow this link and log in with your ECD list password.

To subscribe to ECD, which since March of 2020 has been hosted at the server, go to and follow instructions there to make an account and subscribe to ECD.


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