No catchy name for this one yet, unlike SIXPack or SMAK.  The “BS” portion of the name comes from “background subtraction”, not the quality of my data.  This GUI is a basic interface for loading a 1-D integrated diffraction pattern (i.e., from FIT2D) and subtracting any background, such as water or window material, from that signal.  Simple sliders are used to quickly adjust the amount of a particular patter you wish to remove (up to 3 backgrounds supported).  XRD-BS will also perform self absorption corrections for flat plate or capillary geometries.  The program is very simple in the current incarnation and is not smart – in other words, it looks specifically for files of FIT2D format.  This is pretty easy to fake, as all you need is 2-column ASCII with 6 blank lines at the top!

This program is still in its VERY early stages of development, but all questions and particularly comments for improvement are welcomed.  


Hopefully Coming Soon: 


At this point downloads of XRD-BS are in the form of Win32 executables (tested on WinXP).  Source code in Python source for Linux, Mac or Unix machines may be provided soon.  As of now, it is still relatively untested on non-win platforms.  Any feedback on the use of the code on other platforms is greatly appreciated.


XRD-BS is Open Source Software.  See a copy of the license here.



The interface and workings XRD-BS were developed by Sam Webb at SSRL, the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory. 


Change List:

5/22/06: Version 0.1: First public release of XRD-BS. 

9/6/06: Version 0.12: Release with a few bug fixes, primarily in the interpolation function. 



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