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U.S. Department of Energy Light Source

SSRL Outage Notice

We are experiencing a temporary system outage and are working to restore normal functions. We appreciate your patience during the outage and provide the following links and SSRL contact information. However, during SLAC site-wide broad power outages or shutdowns, please realize that SLAC email and telephone services may also be disrupted.


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SSRL - National Scientific User Facility

The state-of-the-art SPEAR3 storage ring is operated at 3 GeV, with 9.6 nm-rad emittance and top-off injection at a current of 500 mA with a reliability of over 97%. The extremely bright x-rays are used by scientists and industrial researchers to conduct world-class research.

Planned SLAC Power Outage

Notice for SSRL and User Portal Users

Stanford University/SLAC/SSRL will be closed for the holidays Dec. 22-Jan. 6.

The SSRL user portal will also be DOWN for system upgrades 12/27/23 -12/30/23. No new registrations, proposals, reviews, BTSRs, etc. can be submitted during this time.

SSRL and all of SLAC will be closed over the winter holiday break, December 23, 2022 through January 7, 2024. Please check back after January 7th if you need assistance.

SSRL Management Contacts

Paul McIntyre, SSRL Director.Tel: 650-926-5319
Piero Pianetta, SSRL Deputy Director. Tel: 650-926-3484
Britt Hedman, SSRL Science Director & SR Chemistry and Catalysis Division.  Tel: 650-926-3052
Stephanie Carlson, SSRL Business Manager.  Tel: 650-926-2033
Tom Rabedeau, SSRL Beam Line Systems Division, Tel: 650-926-3009
Chris Tassone, SR Materials Sciences Division. Tel: 650-926-3124
Donghui Lu, SR Materials Sciences Division. Tel: 650-926-3026
Simon Bare,SR Chemistry and Catalysis Division. Tel: 650-926-2629
Mike Soltis, Structural Molecular Biology Division. Tel: 650-926-3050
Aina Cohen, Structural Molecular Biology Division. Tel: 650-926-3125.
James Safranek, SPEAR3 Accelerator Division. Tel:  650-926-5438
Matt Padilla, SSRL Safety Officer. Tel:  650-926-3861

SSRL User Services Contacts

Cathy Knotts, SSRL User Research Administration Manager. Alternate Email. Tel: 650-926-3191
Lisa Dunn, SSRL/CryoEM User Services Supervisor. Tel:  650-926-2087
Nick Stojanovic, SSRL Web Services. Tel: 650-926-6235
Alan Winston, SSRL Infrastructure. Tel. 650-926-3056
Chris Ramirez, SSRL Infrastructure. Tel. 650-926-2901

SSRL User Support Contacts

Materials Sciences XRD, X-ray, VUV Beam Lines
Bart Johnson, Tel:  650-926-3858
Doug Van Campen, Tel: 650-926-3018

SMB XAS Beam Lines
Matthew Latimer, Tel: 650-926-4944
Erik Nelson, Tel:  650-926-3938
Ryan Davis, Tel: 650-926-5881
Leah Kelly, Tel: 650-926-8558

Hazardous Waste Disposal/User Shipments
Matt Padilla, Tel:  650-926-3861

Sample Preparation Laboratory (website):
Risa Benwell, Tel:  (650) 926-6283
Charlie Tapio, Tel: (650) 926-3467

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