Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2001


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Attendees: Paul Foster (Chair), Patrick Allen, Lipika Basumallick, Corwin Booth, Bruce Clemens, Cathy Knotts (SSRL Liaison), Marilyn Olmstead, John Peters, Robert Scott

2:30 Welcome/Update on SSRLUO EC Activities (Paul Foster) 
§ Presentation to SLUO, Februray 2 
§ DOE Program Review, April 4 
§ Meetings with Congressional Staffers in DC, May 7-8 
§ SLAC Scientific Policy Committee Meeting, May 11
3:00 SSRL Update (Keith Hodgson) 
§ SPEAR3 Status
3:30 User Research Administration (Cathy Knotts) 
§ SSRLUOEC Membership/Nominations for 2002 members 
§ Lytle Award Nomination Process
4:00 Oct. 18-19 Users Meeting and Workshops (Corwin Booth)
4:30 Other Business

Update on SSRLUO-EC Activities

SSRL Update

User Research Administration (URA) Update

Plans for User Meeting

Other Business

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