SSRLUO Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes

June 18, 1998


Attendees: P. Allen, S. Barrett, J. Bilello, B. Clemens, J. Johnson, D. McKay, D. Segel, R. Stevens, B. de Vos, J. Wong
Absent: D. Shuh, H. Thompson

Directorís Presentation (K. Hodgson)

Keith Hodgson announced that he has accepted the position of Director of SSRL effective July 1, 1998. Hodgson gave a detailed update on SSRL operations and development in FY98. Highlights of directorís talk include:

BUDGET REPORT: (J. Streit) Streit reviewed the status of the FY98 budget, as well as the Ď99-í00 budget projections.

SPEAR3: (B. Hettel) Hettel reviewed the status of the SPEAR3 upgrade project. The team is working hard to prepare for the critical design review that will be held at SSRL July 28-30. Hettel presented detailed comparisons of the SPEAR2 and SPEAR3 magnet girders, machine parameters and beam properties. The ability to tap into the unique expertise available at SLAC will be a critical component toward the success of the SPEAR3 upgrade project.


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