A large variety of potentially hazardous materials, processes and equipment can be present at the user facilties, and we take very seriously the challenges of user safety. SLAC uses the integrated safety and environmental management system (ISEMS) to bring safety and environment into work practices at all levels. Each person who uses the facilities shares in the responsibility of ensuring a safe workplace and compliance with federal, state, local and SLAC workplace safety regulations. Contact the user facility safety officers if you have questions or need assistance.

No person may participate in any experimental activity at SLAC unless he/she has been identified by the proposal spokesperson as a member of their experimental team for a scheduled experiment, has complied with access requirements, and has completed the web-based training courses before arrival.

Users must complete several safety training courses online BEFORE arriving at SLAC to receive a new badge (or renewed proximity access on their current badge):

Go to this browser check web page (http://training.slac.stanford.edu/web-training.asp) to verify that your computer is compatible with the web training system requirements..

NOTE: SLAC web training is compatible with Windows computers using the Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox browsers and Mac computers using Safari, Firefox or Chrome browsers. Linux has limited support. You may try using a Linux computer with the Firefox browser but we don't guarantee positive results.

Flash is required to access the web training. A complete list of system requirements is located here (http://training.slac.stanford.edu/sys_req.asp).

If you do not see any warnings, this indicates that your computer has passed the system check. If you see a warning message, follow the link displayed there for further instructions.

Once you pass the system check, then click the red banner to access the log-in page where you will enter your system ID # [insert system ID here] and the password slac2005.

After log-in, select the "Web Training Catalog" tab.

Click on the "Users" folder and then select the following courses to complete..

Course 396 - Safety Orientation for Non-SLAC Employees (SON) (You must view every slide to receive course credit)

Course 115 - GERT (Passing the quiz with a score of at least 80% is required to receive course credit)

Course 154 - SLAC Vehicle Safety Training (Agreement to abide by SLAC driving regulations is required to receive course credit. Must be repeated every 2 years.)

Either Course CS101 - Cyber Security Basics for New Users (First time users of SLAC computing resources)

Or Course CS200 - Cyber Security Annual Refresher (For returning users who have previously completed CS101)

Roll over the course name and you will see a "Launch" link. Click this link to launch the course. Each training is approximately 45 minutes.

Please verify your training was recorded by clicking the 'My Progress' tab to the left of the picture on your SkillSoft home page. Then click on the "Completed" tab to see a list of your completed training.

Once you have completed the courses, print your certificates of completion! Credit for completing courses will be downloaded into the SLAC training database the following day.

Take the certificates with you to SLAC Security to get your SLAC ID badge.

Please notify slac-training@slac.stanford.edu if you encounter problems with required training.

Additional training may be required depending on the user facility or the potential hazards associated with your proposed experiment.

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