Web-Ice Collection Strategy and Experimental Viewer

Web-Ice is a web browser application designed as a high-level interface to MC experiments at synchrotron beamlines. Web-Ice can be used to determine data collection strategies in a semi-automated fashion and the strategies can be modified before initiating data collection. In addition, Web-Ice can be used to access screening and autoindexing results.  During beam time, Web-Ice can be used to view diffraction images as they are collected and monitor the beamline instrumentation and control panel via the beamline video system. Web-Ice is totally synchronized and can be used simultaneously with the experimental control software Blu-Ice/DCS.

The Web-Ice browser is intuitive and straightforward to Get Started.  The GUI layout is divided into Tabs, each dedicated to a specific task: Image Viewer, Autoindex and Strategy, Screening, Process, Beamline Status and Preferences.  Also check out common FAQs.

Web-Ice uses the following software packages:

  • SPOTFINDER/DISTIL (diffraction spot location and image analysis):
  • LABELIT (autoindexing):
  • MOSFLM (data integration and overlap analysis):
  • BEST (exposure time calculation and oscillation range):
  • RADDOSE (absorbed dose calculation):
  • XDS (data processing):
  • The CCP4 programs SCALA, TRUNCATE, MOLREP, REFMAC (for data processing, scaling, analysis, structure solution and refinement):
  • XTRIAGE (data quality and assessment):