Shipping Samples

These pages contain forms and instructions for shipping liquid nitrogen dewars and blue shipping containers for samples at elevated temperature to and from SSRL.  If you want to learn about our new dewar recommendations and preparation for using SAM cassettes, see the New Dewars documentation.  If you want to verify the integrity of your dewar, see the manual on Dewar Testing.

International Shipments

US Customs

International shipments can involve duty or taxes on items shipped into the US. To avoid delays through US Customs, users are encouraged to work with Tigers Global Logistics USA.

For international shipments to the US, users are advised to contact:

Tigers Global Logistics, Inc. USA
Phone: 510-784-8920   Fax: 510-784-6905

Direct Contacts:

Nancy Yuen

Debra Maloney
Phone: 510-784-8920 X 2616

Export Control

There are specific export controls for international shipments originating from within the US. Concurrence with terms and conditions and submission of forms are required.

Please review and complete all required forms on the SSRL website outlining International Shipments before starting the shipping forms.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney must be assigned to SSRL/SLAC for shipments to countries outside the US.  The form requires a handwritten signature.

Form Instructions:

  • Download the appropriate form (Individual or Group).
  • Fill the form out completely.
  • Mail the signed form to
  • The form will cover all future shipments.


Shipping Samples to SSRL

Dewars and blue shipping containers must arrive 1 working day in advance of your scheduled beam time to avoid on-line delays.

Critical: Dewars and containers are not delivered to SLAC on the weekend or holidays. If your beam time begins on a Saturday, Sunday or on a holiday that falls on a Monday, make sure the shipment arrives on the preceding Friday.

Form Instructions

  • Select the type of access: assigned beam time, beamlineXpress (ad hock beam time) or a staff collaboration.
  • Shipping labels are automatically emailed to the person filling out the form.
  • Remove all old shipping labels and place 1 new label on the outside of each dewar shipping case or blue shipping container.
  • If your experiment is remote or you chose to generate Return Shipping Forms, they will also be emailed to you. Place one copy inside each dewar case or blue shipping container for later return shipment.
  • Verify the correct payment information is entered in your shipping form. If you are not sure about the payment method:

Contact Lisa Dunn
Office Phone: 650-926-2087


Shipment Arrival

Dewars and containers are delivered to SSRL after 11 AM. SSRL staff checks for deliveries between 11 AM and 2 PM.

An e-mail will be sent when shipments are checked in. All dewars are filled liquid nitrogen and delivered to the beamline indicated on the form.

Note:  If the above form is not used, shipments can be picked up at SSRL Shipping and Receiving (after 11 AM on day of shipment).

Return Samples Request

If a Return Samples form was not generated in advance, the Return Samples Request form can be used to generate the required paperwork.

Form Instructions

  • The form is automatically emailed to the person filling out the form.  Print the form at a local printer.
  • Insert the form into a clear sticky envelope available at each crystallography beamline and attach one form to each dewar or blue shipping container.
  • Bring the dewars and/or blue shipping containers to the "outgoing" dewar shipping area at SSRL Shipping and Receiving located in front of the stockroom.

Note: Due to the volume, all dewars shipped back by MC staff will be topped off with liquid nitrogen (shipped as hazardous).


Shipment Inquiries

All inquiries about the status of shipments should be sent to

Remote users can also contact their assigned support staff to find out information about samples being shipped back.