On-Site Instrumentation

Additional instrumentation is available to users that collect data on-site.  Each beamline is equipped with two high-powered Microscopes and a Tool Board containing specialized equipment and lab supplies. A Gas Pressure Cell is also available for pressurizing samples with xenon or krypton gas with the ability to quickly flash cool the crystal after rapid depressurization. Each beamline has a variable-temperature Incubator for temporary storage of samples.


Each beamline is equipped with two high-magnification Leica microscopes to aid in crystal selection and mounting. Images can be displayed on nearby monitors for microscopes equipped with cameras. A table can be inserted just above the robot dewar in the experimental hutch for looping crystals and flash cooling directly in the cryostream.

In-Hutch Microscope Table Installation
BL12 is equipped with a high-precision microscope capable of imaging samples down to ~1 micron.

Tool Board

The beamline tool board contains tools and equipment for on-site use. The tool board is mounted in the experimental hutch or just outside the hutch door. Report missing items to your assigned User Support Staff.

Gas Pressure Cell

A system is available at each beamline for pressurizing samples with Xe or Kr gas and then subsequent flash cooling.  The maximum pressure is 300 PSI and the sample can be flash cooled in less than 10 s after initiating depressurization.

Sample Incubator

Incubators with adjustable temperature settings are available at each beamline to store samples. You can also store pre-frozen samples in the storage dewar provided at the beamline. The sample storage facilities at the beamline are meant to be used only for the duration of the experiment.