Beamline 9-2


Status Operational
Percentage General Use 100%
Flux (p/s) 7e+11 (ʎ = 0.98 Å)
Experiment Types Monochromatic, MAD, SAD, Minibeam
Energy Range (keV) 6 - 14
Wavelength Range (A) 0.86 - 2.06
Max Resolution (A) * 0.95
Maximum Resolution Offset (A) 0.76
Min Beam Size (um) * 60
Max Beam Size (um) * 200
Detector Pilatus 6M
Detector Technology PAD
Detector Size (mm x mm) 431 x 448
Detector Pixel Size (um) 172
Sample to Detector Range (mm) * 165 - 650
Dead Time (ms) 3
Max Image Rate (Hz) * 20
Optimal Image Rate (Hz) 5
Max Detector Horizontal Offset (mm) 2
Max Detector Vertical Offset (mm) 200
PRTs None



Auto-Data Processing Web-Ice
Auto-Drug Pipeline * Drone
Data Collection Stategy Web-Ice
Remote Access NXClient
Sample Annealing Cryo-Cooler Axial Mount
Sample Screening SAM Robot
Sample Storage Long Term Storage Dewar Farm
Sample X-ray Rastering Blu-Ice
UV-Vis Spectroscopy UV-Vis spectrometer

Additional On-Site Features


Raman Spectroscopy * Raman Spectrometer
Sample Ambient-Temperature * Ambient Sample Trays
Sample Cassette Loading Cryo-Tools and SAM Cassette Kit
Sample Elevated-Temperture * Heating Nozzle Axial Mount
Sample Freezing In-Situ Cryo-Nozzle Axial Mmount
Sample Gas Pressurization Gas Pressurization Cell (Kr or Xe)
Sample Magnification Standard Microscope
Sample Prep Wet Lab
Sample Prep and Storage Cold Room
Sample Storage Short Term Incubator