Status Operational
Percentage General Use 78%
Flux (p/s) 4e+12 (ʎ = 0.98 Å)
Experiment Types Monochromatic, MAD, SAD, Microbeam
Energy Range (keV) 6.7 - 17
Wavelength Range (A) 0.73 - 1.85
Max Resolution (A) * 0.88
Maximum Resolution Offset (A) 0.67
Min Beam Size (um) * 10
Max Beam Size (um) * 100
Detector Pilatus 6M
Detector Technology PAD
Detector Size (mm x mm) 431 x 448
Detector Pixel Size (um) 172
Sample to Detector Range (mm) * 188 - 900
Dead Time (ms) 3
Max Image Rate (Hz) * 20
Optimal Image Rate (Hz) 5
Max Detector Horizontal Offset (mm) 100
Max Detector Vertical Offset (mm) 200
PRTs Caltech, Genentech



Auto-Data Processing Web-Ice
Auto-Drug Pipeline * Drone
Data Collection Stategy Web-Ice
Micro-Beam Bl12-2 Configuration
Remote Access NXClient
Sample Annealing Cryo-Cooler Axial Mount
Sample Screening SAM Robot
Sample Storage Long Term Storage Dewar Farm
Sample X-ray Rastering Blu-Ice

Additional On-Site Features


Sample Ambient-Temperature * Ambient Sample Trays
Sample Cassette Loading Cryo-Tools and SAM Cassette Kit
Sample Electric Field * Electric Field Cell
Sample Extraction Mother Liquor * Sample Extractor
Sample Freezing In-Situ Cryo-Nozzle Axial Mmount
Sample Gas Pressurization Gas Pressurization Cell (Kr or Xe)
Sample Injection * MESH Jet
Sample Injection Viscous * LCP jet
Sample Magnification Standard Microscope
Sample Microcrystal Magnification High Resolution Microscope
Sample Prep Wet Lab
Sample Prep and Storage Cold Room
Sample Storage Short Term Incubator