Sample Shipping to SSRL

This sample shipment protocol will be used for user sample shipment to SSRL during post COVID-19 PHASE 1 operations. This form will generate two labels. One for sample shipment to SSRL and one for the return shipment of the sample box or dewar to the user home institution. Samples will not be stored at or disposed at SSRL. Therefore, all samples must accompany a return label for remote operations.

  • Note that deliveries are not made to SLAC on the weekend or holidays. Plan your shipment accordingly.
  • Fill-out the form below to obtain the required shipping labels and return shipping form. These must be attached to your sample box/dewar. (If applicable, remove all old shipping labels from your sample box/dewar)
  • All dewars will be filled with LN2 upon arrival. All dewars will be shipped back with LN2.
  • All sample boxes will be inspected for integrity upon arrival. Solid sample will be sent back in the original sample box after measurement.

Please select the type of experiment and your preferred beam line from the radio buttons below. This is necessary to ensure follow up communication with the beam line scientist in charge of working with you on your remote experiments.

General Information
List this name on the sample box/dewar.
Type of Shipment *
Tracking Number? *
If you currently do not have a tracking number, then Reply-All to the confirmation email once you receive one and our staff will process the information.
For delivery to SSRL
Division/Group *
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Soft X-ray Beam Lines *
Spectroscopy Beam Lines *
Return Shipping Information
Method of Payment *
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Certification Statement

By entering my name below, I certify that each sample box/dewar contains no hazardous materials, with the exception of liquid nitrogen (in the case of dewar shipment), and I give permission to SSRL staff to charge my account for shipment.