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The webcams are being moved to new locations,
and are currently not available for viewing.


Live view of the LCLS Bird 1 and LCLS Bird 2 Cameras
(for users within the SLAC Network)

LCLS Bird 1 camera is mounted in building EndStation B monitoring the LCLS Construction activities in the research yard

LCLS Bird 2 camera is mounted in building 750 monitoring the construction activities in the PEP Ring Road area

Video Stream of LCLS Bird 1 and LCLS Bird 2 Cameras
(for users outs ide the SLAC Network)

The LCLS Camera has also been setup to stream to the public through the SLAC's Real Network Helix video streaming server. The video stream will alternate display every 10 seconds of LCLS Bird 1 and LCLS Bird 2 cameras.

You will need the latest version of the Real Player to view the video. You may download RealPlayer from the Real Network's website. For SLAC users, you should install it usi ng the following instructions.

The video is currently streamed at 150kbps.

Once it's installed, you can click on the URL to browse the video.

Live Web Cam monitoring the LCLS construction at the Research Yard

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