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|o| Notes / Papers:

Alan Miahnahri , "Cathode Gun Assy. / Laser Port Clearance Study", Feb09 2005, LCLS INJ-05-01

L.Eriksson, A.Miahnahri , "Stress and Deflection Analysis of the LCLS Gun Laser Transport Line"  LCLS  INJ-05-02

L.Eriksson, A.Miahnahri , "LCLS Gun Drive Laser Transport Tube window specification" , Feb 09 2005, LCLS, INJ-05-03


|o| Reviews:

Injector Drive Laser Review*, SLAC, Stanford, CA, USA, July 21, 2004.
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RF Gun Studies

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L.Xiao, RF Gun Design , Pulsed Heating, October 2004

|o| Notes / Papers:

J.Schmerge, "Reducing the heat load on the LCLS 120Hz RF Gun with RF pulse Shaping",  LCLS-TN-02-7

R.F. Boyce, "Design Considerations for the LCLS RF Gun " , LCLS-TN-04-4

Z.Li, " S-Band L01 section coupler", internal note

D.Dowell, " RF gun studies for LCLS Injector ", FEL 2004 , to be updated

C.Limborg al. "RF Design for the LCLS Gun" LCLS TN-05-03


|o| Reviews:

3rd November 2004

Committee Summary


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Solid Edge model

Superfish Map

Beam Physics

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LCLS Diagnostics and Commissioning Workshop
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