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Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Meeting

June 25-26, 2009

Location: Redwood Conference Rooms A/B, ROB Bldg 48 (site map)

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Past Meetings  

Thursday, June 25th


Time  Topic Speaker
 8:00 Executive Session     Committee
 8:30 Welcome P. Drell
 8:45 LCLS Update J. Galayda
 9:30 LCLS Instruments Update S. Boutet
10:15 Break  
10:45 Update on User Proposals fro AMO and SXR J. Arthur
11:00 Round Table: Team Leaders (Conference Call)  
12:30 Lunch  
1 :30 LCLS within SLAC and West Coast Stratety J. Stohr
 2:30 Near Term Opportunities for LCLS "Upgrades" J. Hastings
 3:30 Break  
 4:00 Round Table: Instrument Scientist  
 5:00 Executive Session  
 7:00 Dinner  


Friday, June 26th


Time  Topic
 8:00 Executive Session  
 8:30 Discussion:: 5 Top Science Questions  
10:00 Executive Session  
11:00 Closeout  
12:00 Lunch