LCLS Operations Lecture Series (2006)


All lectures are given @ 3:00 pm in the MCC Conference Room


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February 7		S. Chevstov	MATLAB Controls
February 28	H. Shoaee		LCLS OPS Controls Overview

May 24		J. Galayda		LCLS Project and Facility Overview
May 3		Z. Huang		Introduction to Free-Electron Lasers
June 7		P. Emma		LCLS Commissioning
June 14		J. Hastings	Science with the LCLS
November 8	B. White		The LCLS Drive Laser
November 15	D. Dowell		RF Photocathode Gun (movie)
November 20	C. Limborg	The LCLS Injector (movie)
November 29	H. Smith		LCLS Machine Protection System
December 4	H. Loos		LCLS Injector Diagnostics
December 11	P.Bellomo/K.Luchini	LCLS Power Supplies
December 13	M. Saleski		BCS and PPS


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