Sub-System Drawing Location General Description
SLAC GP-581-721-49   SLAC Site Plan Campus and Research
All GP-444-401-00 SPEAR Top level assembly drawings
All GP-444-100-01 Injector Siteplan (revise - remove old injection line)
Electrical ID-439-720-13 B140 Electrical, Single Line Drawing
Facilities GP-441-155-30 SSRL Facilities SPEAR Rad Shldg Assy (rev. 12/9/08)
Facilities GP-441-150-22 SSRL Facilities Site Plan (last updated 2002)
Magnet, stoppers, screens GP-444-400-00 SPEAR3 & Booster General Nomenclature (rev 11/17/08, w/ BTS IV nomenclature)
Mechanical 444-103 Injector, Booster Alignment
Site Utilities ID-581-656-34   Site Utilities - Storm Drains
Vacuum GP-444-100-29 Injector Vacuum Instrumentation (Revised 5/10)
Vacuum GP-444-400-30 SPEAR Vacuum Instrumentation (Revised 4/10)
Projects 08_drw_revs._file SPEAR Layouts/assemblies in process of update
Stickfiles SP3_Installation SPEAR RMB file