Sub-System Drawing Location General Description
Cables ID-444-500-14   SPEAR Cable Trays
Magnet Magnets-PS   SP Magnets and Power Supplies
Magnet SA-444-401-09 Matching A MCA Cell
Magnet SA-444-401-35   Quad Triplet Raft Type 2
Magnet SA-444-401-04   50Q Rafty Type 2
Magnet SA-444-401-36   109D Raft Type 2
Magnet SA-444-401-05 Standard Standard Cell
Magnet SA-444-401-08   145D Raft Type 1
Magnet SA-444-401-06   50Q Raft Type 1
Magnet SA-444-401-07   145K Raft Type 2
Magnet SA-444-187-00 Type 2-1 raft mod., w/electron clearing magnet 14D Raft Type 2-1 (BM1)
Magnet SA-444-401-10 Matching B MCB Cell
Magnet SA-444-401-34   109D Raft Type 1
Magnet SA-444-401-04   50Q Raft Type 2
Magnet SA-444-401-33   Quad Triplet Raft Type 1
Shielding ID-444-419-95 3S S3 Straight Shielding (revised 11/11/08)
Shielding ID-441-155-30 SPEAR Assembly (Revised 11/24/08)
Shielding ID-441-155-14 SPEAR Quadrant 4 (revise to show BL4 & BL13, BL14)
Shielding ID-441-155-15 SPEAR Quadrant 3 (revised 10/7/05)
Shielding ID-441-155-16 SPEAR Quadrant 2
Shielding ID-441-155-17 SPEAR Quadrant 1
Ion Gauge EI-444-806-81 SPEAR Ion gauge, filament status
Ion Gauge EI-444-806-82 SPEAR Ion gauge, process interlock
Thermocouple TC system drawings SPEAR  
Vacuum SA-444-400-30 All SPEAR Vacuum Instrumentation
Vacuum SA-444-304-01 MCA BM2 MCA
Vacuum SA-444-302-01 MCA QFC
Vacuum SA-444-305-01 MCA BM1 MCA
Vacuum SA-444-301-01 Standard BM2
Vacuum SA-444-302-01 Standard QFC
Vacuum SA-444-302-58 Standard QFC STOPPER (G4 ONLY)
Vacuum SA-444-303-01 Standard BM1
Vacuum SA-444-306-01 MCB BM2 MCB
Vacuum SA-444-302-01 MCB QFC
Vacuum SA-444-342-01 MCB BM1 MCB
Cell Configuration
    G1 MCA
    G2 to G8 Std. Cell
    G9 MCB
    G10 MCA
    G11 to G17 Std. Cell
    G18 MCB
Vacuum SP Str-Vac-Chb   Straight Section Vacuum Chambers
Vacuum SA-451-053-02
9S Assembly Triplet Assembly BL12 ED
Vacuum SA-444-350-11 11S Assembly BL6 Insertion Device (design cover)
Vacuum SA-444-401-68 12S Assembly BL5 Insertion Device (design cover)
Vacuum SA-444-401-69 6S Assembly BL10 Wiggler Installation (not vac chb)
Pneumatics SA-444-808-00 BL & SLM, etc Isolation valve - pneumatic junction box