SP3 Mechanical Drawing List for Installation - RMB 5-7-03:

Sub-System Drawing Location General Description
Vacuum LO-444-414-01 SPEAR BTS Raft and Str Layout
Rev. item #3 LO-444-401-60
Rev vacuum - farcup, Q8-Q9 blws/pump
  LO-444-401-60 SPEAR B-8V magnet to B-9V magnet layout
Rev vacuum - farcup, Q8-Q9 blws/pump
  LO-444-414-03 SPEAR B-9V Septum Magnet
Rev. for new injection chb, etc
  LO-444-401-59 SPEAR B-8V to B-9V, inst, vac and shielding
Rev. for new injection raft chb, etc
  ID-444-401-45 SPEAR 3S Straight Installation Assy, K2
Rev for septum vac chb mods