Location General Description
Mechanical SA-444-194-50   Gun to Booster Assy (revise to reflect as-built diagnostic room)


SA-444-197-13   Diagnostic System Assembly
Magnet Alpha magnet Assembly
Magnet GTL Quad Assembly
Magnet GTL Steerng Mag Assembly
DLWG #1 to #2 Transition Steering Magnet
RF GP-444-140-00   RF System Layout (revise to reflect current)
Shielding Linac Shielding Locations (revised 9/10/09 for LTD B1 removal)
Shielding Linac/Diagnostic Shielding
Shielding SA-444-140-51 DLWG#1 Linac shielding - obsolete drw (drw of upgraded shielding??)
Shielding SA-444-421-80 DLWG #2 Linac shielding
Shielding SA-444-421-81 DLWG #3 Linac shielding (2007 rev in release 2/12/09)
Vacuum Gun - Linac -LTB Model of Gun through LTB
Vacuum Gun to Chopper Assembly
Vacuum Gun Gun mounting assembly
Vacuum Alpha - chopper Assembly
Vacuum Gun Microwave Gun Assembly
Vacuum Gun TRF Gun - AET type #4 cathode
Vacuum Gun - Alpha Gun to Alpha Magnet Assy
Vacuum Gun Mounting Assembly
Vacuum SA-444-141-70 Alpha Alpha magnet chamber assy (laser port added - release assembly drw)
Vacuum DLWG Mounting Assembly #1
Vacuum DLWG Mounting Assembly #2
Vacuum DLWG Mounting Assembly #3
Vacuum SA-444-194-06 LBB Stopper/disaster monitor
Waveguide   K1 Release assembly/detail for Isolator (2006)
Waveguide   K2 Release assembly/detail for K2 wvgd mod (06)
Gun 444-148-62   PCRF GUN--MODEL 3+
Gun SA-444-147-60   Gun Cathode Test Holder (2007)