Sub-System Drawing Location General Description
Mechanical SA-444-100-11   Injector Assembly and Bld 140 Layout (pdf not legible - re-release and check if current)
  SA-444-100-03   Tunnel Shielding Cross-Section
Magnet System SA-444-156-10   QD Arc Girder
Magnet System SA-444-156-11   QF Arc Girder
RF SA-444-170-00   358 MHz RF Cavity to Klystron Layout
  AD-701-162-00   Assy. PEP #2 Klystron
  GP-701-162-00   Layout Pep #2 Klystron, P.T.T. magnet & support frame
Shielding SA-444-100-19   Shelter System


ID-444-320-01 Booster Walls - Plan and Sections
Shielding IS-444-320-01 Booster Walls - tech. spec.
Shielding ID-444-320-02 Booster Walls - details
Shielding ID-444-320-03 Booster Roof plan
Shielding PS-444-320-03 Booster Roof - tech. spec.
Shielding ID-444-320-04 Booster Roof details
Shielding ID-444-320-80 Booster Roof blocks - vendor drw
Shielding SA-444-140-95 Eject. Septum Upstream Shielding
Shielding SA-444-417-27 Dipoles Shielding
Vacuum SA-444-164-01 West Side Straight Straight Section West Side (includes RF cavity)
Vacuum SA-444-164-03 --- G27 West across
Vacuum SA-444-164-02 --- G29 Stripline, Q-meter, toroid
Vacuum SA-444-164-04 --- G30 West straight - RF Cavity
Vacuum SA-444-164-05 --- G32 West Straight - section 32
Vacuum SA-444-164-10 East Side Straight  
Vacuum SA-444-164-08 --- G10 East straight - LTB crossover
Vacuum SA-444-164-09 --- G12 Injection Straight (kicker) (rev 10/1/08)
Vacuum SA-444-164-06 --- G47 East Straight, Ejection Kickers (add new pulser)
Vacuum SA-444-164-07 --- G49 Ejection Septum
Vacuum SA-444-189-00 --- G49 Ejection Septum BTS Vacuum Chamber (updated 12/15/08)