pep_ll-1 Radiation Safety Documents For The PEP-II Rings J. Seeman 11/19/1996  
pep_ll-2 Overall Summary Of Radiation And Beam Containment In The PEP-II Ring J. Seeman 11/19/1996  
pep_ll-3 PEP-II Radiation Enclosure and Ports J. Seeman 9/13/1996  
pep_ll-4 PEP-II Injection Beam Losses Elliot Bloom 1/6/1993  
pep_ll-5 Average Injected Beam Power In PEP-II J. Seeman 8/22/1996  
pep_ll-6 Maximum Credible Beam Power For PEP-Injection J. Seeman 8/24/1996  
pep_ll-7 Risk Analysis For Beam Containment For PEP-II J. Seeman 8/23/1996  
pep_ll-8 PEP-II Beam Losses From Magnents With Incorrect Settings J. Seeman 11/18/1996  
pep_ll-9 PEP-II Collimator Locations And Normal Ring Beam Losses J. Seeman 10/15/1996  
pep_ll-10 Response To The Radiation Safety Committee On Transmission Of PEP-II RF Dark C urrent J. Seeman 11/17/1996  
pep_ll-11 Can The PEP-II Beam Be Steered Onto The IR Curtain Walls? J. Seeman 11/8/1996  
pep_ll-12 PEP-II Ring Vacuum Chamber Burnthrought Calculations Dieter Walz 10/18/1996  
pep_ll-13 Additions To PEP-II Ring Vaccum Chamber Burnthough Calculations J. Seeman 11/14/1996  
pep_ll-14 Threshold Of A Collimator Failure With A Long Beam A. Kulikov 9/9/1996  
pep_ll-15 Slac Memorandum IR Curtai n Wall Shielding James C. Liu 10/7/1994  
pep_ll-16 Radiation Levels Around The PEP-II Ring Berm James C. Liu et al 10/10/1996  
pep_ll-17 Radiations Levels On Top Of Pep-II Ring's RF Penetrations James C. Liu et al 11/14/1996 & nbsp;
pep_ll-18 Radiation Levels Around an IR Region And The Penetrations Of The PEP-II Ri ng James C. Liu et al 11/14/1996  
pep_ll-19 Shelding The PBF At PEP X.S. Mao et al 11/14/1996  
pep_ll-20 Radiation Levels Outside The PEP-II IR Maze Entrance and Equipment Access Tunnel James C. Liu et al 5/6/1996  
pep_ll-21 Summary Of Radiation Levels Around IR 10 James C. Liu et al 7/10/1996  
pep_ll-22 Summary Of Radiation Levels Around IR 8 James C. Liu et al 7/10/1996  
pep_ll-23 Radiation Iron Insertion Of Profile Monitors In IRS 8 And 10 James C. Liu et al 4/5/1996  
pep_ll-24 Radiation From The Beam Abort Systems In Irs 8 And 10 James C. Liu et al 4/10/1996  
pep_ll-25 Remaining Radiation Safety Items From The PEP-II RSC Meeting On 8/27/96 James C. Liu et al 9/30/1996  
pep_ll-26 Radiation In BSY From A Stored Beam Loss James C. Liu et al 2/17/1995  
pep_ll-27 Synchrotron R adiation Shelding For The LER Aluminum ARC Vacuum Chamber James C. Liu et al 1/1/1995  
pep_ll-28 Calculations Of The Radiations Doses To The Electronic Equipment Inside The PEP- II Tunnel James C. Liu et al    
pep_ll-29 Proposed PPS Beam Stoppers For The PEP-II R ings Alan Fisher et al 3/11/1996  
pep_ll-30 Requirements Of The PPS Beam Stoppers For The PEP II Rings J. Seeman 10/16/1995  
pep_ll-31 Technical Specification PPS Beam Stopper D. Wright et al 3/11/1996  
pep_ll-32 Particle Penetration In The Proposed PEP-II Ring Stoppers W. R. Nelson 11/17/1995  
pep_ll-33 Radioation From The PEP-II Ring PPS Stoppers X.S. Mao et al 2/23/1996  
pep_ll-34 Ring Stoppers for PEP-II PPS< /td> X.S. Mao et al 1/23/1996  
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pep_ll-36 PPS Zoning For RF Cavities James C. Liu et al 5/6/1996  
pep_ll-37 Radiation Safety Committee Meeting Minutes-May29,1996-"PEPII Ring PPS" G. Nelson 6/13/1996  
pep_ll-38 Documentation Noticel PEP PPS Zone Maps Cherl Hultquis 9/17/1996  
pep_ll-39 Radiation Hazards And PPS Zoning For Th e PEP2 RF Cavities W.M. Brobeck 4/28/1994  
pep_ll-40 PPS Specification For PEP II R. Erickson et al 2/16/1995  
pep_ll-41 PEPII Ring PPS, An Overview B. Gray 5/20/1996  
pep_ll-42 PPS/Radiation Safety Overview Tom Himel 5/1/1996  
pep_ll-43 Long Pulse Beam Containment Stan Ecklund 12/16/1991  
pep_ll-44 Accelerator Safety Envelop Stan Ecklund 12/19/1994  
pep_ll-45 Maximum Beam Current In The NDR J. Sheppard et al 3/20/1996  
pep_ll-46 Evaluation Of PEP-II Injection Beam Power Losses Dieter Walz 4/15/1996