SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
U.S. Department of Energy: Office of Science

XRMS X-Ray Spectroscopy of Magnetic Solids

2011 X-Ray Spectroscopy of Magnetic Solids workshop
October 22-23, 2011

The 'X-ray Spectroscopy of Magnetic Solids (XRMS)' meetings have proved as a fruitful forum for informal discussion of recent results and future projects of synchrotron radiation based research on magnetism and magnetic materials. They also serve for the formation of new collaborations. The meeting is organized in sessions dedicated to specific scientific topics and experimental techniques. The absence of parallel sessions allows all the participants to take part in the discussion and to have a comprehensive view of the latest achievements and of the envisioned developments in the field.

The first XRMS workshop was held in 2000 as a satellite meeting of the annual users' meeting of the German synchrotron radiation facility BESSY. It developed into a regular series organized generally as a satellite meeting to the annual Users' Meeting of a synchrotron radiation facility. Up to now, the series is as follows: 2000 BESSY (Berlin), 2001 Halle, 2002 Dresden, 2003 BESSY, 2005 SLS (Villigen), 2007 ESRF (Grenoble), 2008 DESY (Hamburg), 2009 Soleil (St-Aubin) and 2010 Diamond (Oxford).

A poster session will be held to facilitate discussions between participants during the workshop.

This workshop has been made possible with support by: DOE-BES, LCLS, SSRL, PULSE, and SIMES.