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7th SSRL School on Synchrotron X-Ray Scattering Techniques

7th SSRL School on Synchrotron X-Ray Scattering Techniques
Materials and Environmental Sciences: Theory and Application

This school will provide a practical users' guide to planning and conducting scattering measurements at SSRL beam lines, and will cover important techniques including small angle scattering, thin-film scattering, powder diffraction, structure refinement and surface x-ray scattering. The school will address topics that are not commonly included in text books or class lectures, and typically obtained only through on-the-experiment training. There will be:

  • hands-on sessions at SSRL beam lines
  • a session of diffraction theory
  • a session on diffraction data analysis

The school will also cover new instrumentation at SSRL scattering beam lines.

Organizing Chairs: Stefan Mannsfeld, Apurva Mehta, Badri Shyam, Kevin Stone, Chris Tassone, and Michael Toney

This school has been made possible with support from the DOE-BES.

Agenda: 2014 Agenda


Software Packages

Links to some of the appropriate software analysis packages are provided here for reference. Participants do not need to download or install prior to attending the school. Participants will learn which programs are appropriate for various experimental techniques and how to use them during the school.

Event Coordinators

Michelle Montalvo
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Michelle Steger
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