SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
U.S. Department of Energy: Office of Science

2014 SMB Imaging Summer School


1st SSRL School on Synchrotron X-Ray Microscale Imaging Techniques, 2014

The 1st SSRL SXRMI (Synchrotron X-ray MicroXAS Imaging) School will provide a practical users' guide to planning and conducting microXAS imaging experiments at SSRL beam lines. Students will participate in hands-on sessions at the beam lines, including on the following facilities: hard x-ray microXAS imaging (BL2-3), hard x-ray mesoprobe XAS imaging (BL10-2), and the newest microXAS imaging "tender" energy beam line (BL14-3). The hands-on sessions will be paired with several sessions of data analysis and data mining of imaging data. The School will also cover new instrumentation and techniques at SSRL microXAS imaging beam lines and will include topics that can only be learned by direct access and experience at the facility through on-the-experiment training.

This initial school, which will take place July 11-15, is organized by Sam Webb and Courtney Roach. The Summer School will be held at SSRL with additional facilities used at the SLAC National Acceleratory Laboratory site. Funding for the SMB Summer School program is provided by NIH, DOE-BES, and DOE-BER.

Applications for this event are open.
Submit an email to Sam Webb indicating your interest in attending the The 1st SSRL SXRMI (Synchrotron X-ray MicroXAS Imaging) School by June 23, 2014. An application is not a guarantee for addmission to the event. Qualified applicants will be invited to register for the event at a later date.

Include the following information in your email.

1. Indicate Primary Field of Study

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental
  • Geology
  • Medical
  • Cultural Heritage

2. Indicate Interested Techniques

  • microXRF
  • microXANES
  • microEXAFS
  • microXRD
  • XANES imaging
  • Tomography
  • Confocal x-ray microscopy
  • Multispectral imaging
  • Sample preparation
  • Image processing
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Particle analysis
  • Statistical treatments

3. Write a Brief Paragraph

Please submit a brief paragraph describing your research interests in microscale imaging and spectroscopy.