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Menlo Park, CA  8-10 October 2003


Presenter Title Poster No.
Andrews, Scott D. STXM Characterization of Spin Injection Samples 41
Aubertine, Daniel B. X-ray Scattering as a Probe of Interdiffusion in Si/SiGe Heterostructures 11
Campbell, Mary L. Comparison of DnifB and DnifH MoFe Proteins by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy with Implications for P-cluster Biosynthesis 32
Castro, Javier S. Symmetry Break-downs in Aurivillius Phases 21
Chui, Chi On Synchrotron Radiation Photoemission Spectroscopy Analysis of High-k Gate Dielectric for Ge MOS Applications 19
Cuk, Tanja A Unified Understanding of Bosonic Renormalization Effects in High-Tc Superconductors 26
Davies, Jason Conformational Changes during Nucleotide Hydrolysis Cycle of P97 Probed by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering 33
Doukov, Tzanko I. The CODH/ACS Family: Xenon in and the End of the Tunnel 18
Downward, Lisa M. Evidence for a Universal Relationship between Magnetization and Changes in the Local Structure of La Manganites 31
Doyle, Colin S. Soft X-ray Spectroscopic Studies of the Reaction of Fractured Pyrite Surfaces with Cr(VI)-containing Aqueous Solutions 35
Frank, Patrick Perophora Surprise: A New Structural Motif for Biological Iron 4
Ginder-Vogel, Matthew Biostimulation of Uranium Reduction in Sediment from the Oak Ridge Source Zone 7
Jackson Rudd, Deanne Investigating the Fe-Fe Scattering from the Binuclear Fe Site in Methane Monooxygenase Hydroxylase by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy 23
Kavanagh, Kathryn Mechanistic Insights from Substrate-bound Structures of Pseudomonas fluorescens Mannitol 2-dehydrogenase 13
Kendelewicz, Tom Oxidation of Fractured Surfaces of FeS2(100) by Molecular Oxygen, Water Vapor, and Air 34
Kim, Chu-Young From Structure to Pathogenesis: HLA-DQ2 and Celiac Disease 36
Kim, Hanseong 2.6 Resolution Crystal Structure of E. coli CTP Synthetase by Hg-MAD, Solvent-flattening and Map Averaging 1
Kwon, Ae-Ran Structure and Reactivity of an Asymmetric Complex between HslV and I-domain Deleted HslU, a Prokaryotic Homolog of the Eukaryotic Proteasome 28
Lacheen, Howard S. In Situ Mo K-edge XAS Studies of Mo-ZSM-5 in CO2/CH4 Mixtures 14
Larochelle, Simon X-ray Diffraction on BaBiO3 30
Lee, Dong-Ick T. Synchrotron Radiation Photoemission Spectroscopy Study of Cs/O Co-adsorbed InP(100) Surface for Application in Negative Electron Affinity Devices 10
Mang, Patrick Spurious Magnetism in a High-Temperature Superconductor 27
Mathews, Irimpan I. Structural Studies Reveal Thymidylate Synthase Complementing Protein as a Target for Multiple Diseases 38
Meyer, Anne S. Closing the Folding Chamber of the Eukaryotic Chaperonin Requires the Transition State of ATP Hydrolysis 2
Murray, David S. Structure of Glutamine Synthetase from Bacillus subtilis: Possible Insight into Regulation of Nitrogen Metabolism 16
Neiss, Jim Speciation Controls on the Reduction and Transport of Uranium 24
Norman, Thaddeus J. Local Structure of Dopant Ions [Mn(II), Cu(II), and Ag(I)] in ZnSe Nanoparticles 9
Piestrup, Melvin A. Inexpensive Compound Refractive Lenses for X-ray Imaging and Microspot Focusing 3
Polizzotto, Matthew L. Arsenic Speciation and Cycling within the Sediments of Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 3
Ralston, Corie Y. Performance and Characteristics of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Beamlines at the Advanced Light Source 20
Rogers, Joe The Environmental Science Grazing Incidence EXAFS Spectrometer at SSRL 5
Sarangi, Ritimukta X-ray Absorption Edge and EXAFS Studies of the Red Copper Site in Nitrosocyanin: Comparison to Plastocyanin 29
Slowey, Aaron J. Transport of Colloid-Associated Arsenic and Mercury: Column Experiments and Microscopic and Spectroscopic Analyses of Colloidal Material 17
Smolsky, Igor Diffraction-Enhanced/Phase-Contrast Imaging Instrument at SSRL 22
Tatchyn, Roman Conceptual Scheme for High Peak Energy Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) X-ray Ignition Facility 39
Tsuruta, Hiro New Small Angle Scattering/Diffraction Instrument on BL4-2 for Structural Molecular Biology 37
Wasinger, Erik C. L-edge XAS Determined Differential Orbital Covalency of Non-Heme Iron Sites 25
Webb, Samuel M. Structural Mechanism of Uranyl Sequestration into Biogenic Manganese Oxides 12
Willey, Trevor M. Characterization of Carboxyl Functionalized SAMs Using NEXAFS 8
Winick, Herman SESAME, a 3rd Generation Synchrotron Light Source for the Middle East Region 42
Wong, Thiang Y. Molecular Selectivity in the Anthrax Lethal Factor Catalytic Site: X-ray Crystal Studies 6
Yoon, Tae-Hyun Long-Period X-ray Standing Wave (XSW) Studies of Pb(II) and As(V) Ion Distributions at Organic Thin Film - Mineral Interfaces 15


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