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Menlo Park, CA  8-10 October 2003


Numerous synchrotron related vendors will be here to showcase their latest products and services and to answer questions throughout the annual users' meeting. (see exhibitor map)

A & N Corporation
707 SW 19th Avenue, Willitston, FL 32696 USA
Exhibitors: Olivia Ditkiewicz,, 352-528-4100, Fax 352-528-3441
A&N Corporation is the preferred manufacturer of high quality vacuum components for over 35 years. Our product line includes flanges and fittings in the following style: ISO-KF (QF), ISO-MF (LF), UHV (CF), ASA, Tri-Seal, Vacuum Couplings, Feedthroughs, Vacuum Valves (Ball, Angle, In-Line, Gate), Vacuum Line Heaters/Controllers, Traps and Special Fabrications, Thermocouple Tube Gauges and Chambers.

Applied Geomechanics Inc.
1336 Brommer St., A-8, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 USA
Exhibitors: Gary Holzhausen, Etienne Constable,, 831-462-2801, Fax 831-462-4418
Applied Geomechanics is the world's leading supplier of precision tilt sensors for scientific applications. With submicroradian resolution, our tilt-sensing systems position X-ray mirrors, align particle beams, and track structural and ground deformation to enhance synchrotron performance.

Blake Industries, Inc.
660 Jerusalem Road, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Exhibitors: David G. Rognlie, Fern Letnes,, 908-233-7240, Fax 908-233-1354
Blake Industries will be exhibiting the Blake-Huber line of x-ray and synchrotron instruments and accessories, including rotary tables, goniometers, translation stages and Eulerian cradles.

Bruker AXS
5465 E. Cheryl Parkway, Madison, WI 53711-5373
Exhibitors:, 608-276-3085, Fax: 608-276-3006
Bruker AXS provides Advanced X-ray Solutions in chemistry, life sciences and materials science. Our Lens coupled CCD systems offer large X-ray sensitive areas in a cost efficient single module CCD design specifically for synchrotron radiation. Bruker's Synchrotron Solutions group custom builds specialized equipment including goniometers, beam monitors and detectors.

Brush Wellman, Inc. - Electrofusion Products
44036 South Grimmer Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538 USA
Exhibitors: Edgar Patenaude, 510-623-1500, Fax 510-623-7600
Brush Wellman Inc. Electrofusion Products is a world leader in the fabrication of specialized products made from Beryllium and its alloys for the scientific, medical and commercial industries. Beryllium Products include vacuum barrier foil, assemblies, and machined components for applications of high-energy, synchrotron radiation and x-rays.

GMW, Oxford Danfysik
6 Pinewood Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824 USA
Exhibitors: Andy Broadbent, Scott Mowat,, 978-455-6761, Fax 978-455-6762
GMW will be presenting; The Oxford Danfysik range of synchrotron radiation beamlines, monochromators, advanced mirror systems (with SESO), standard beamline and diagnostic components (slits, shutters, fluorescent screens, beam position monitors etc), and scintillation counter and ionization chambers for use in experiments. Danfysik, insertion devices including undulator and wiggler designs licensed from the ESRF. Elliptical (such as APPLE II) and in-vacuum designs are now available. Danfysik synchrotron accelerator, storage ring and beam transfer magnets, power supplies and complete systems. GMW also offers Bergoz particle beam diagnostics for linacs, beam transfer lines, synchrotrons and storage rings, as well as PPM fiber optic links to 3 GHz for RF signal distribution.

Leybold Vacuum USA Inc.
5700 Mellon Road, Export, PA 15632
Exhibitors: Howard Pavasko,, 724-327-5700, Fax 724-325-3577
Leybold is a principal center for vacuum pump fabrication and assembly in the United States earning a reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of vacuum pumps, pumping systems, and components. Its products are used in a broad range of applications including food processing and packaging, research and instrumentation, heat-treating, optical coating, semiconductor as well as lighting, T.V. tube production, and automotive. Leybold's commitment includes technological innovation in design, flexibility in production, expert assistance in specifying customer requirements, responsive service, and full technical support.

MDC Vacuum Products Corporation/Insulator Seal
23842 Cabot Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545 USA
Exhibitors: Val Robinson, Rose Kaslin, 510-265-3500, Fax 510-887-0626
MDC, a supplier to National Laboratories, R&D and industrial manufacturers worldwide, carries an extensive line of high and ultrahigh vacuum components which are highlighted on our new technically based website, as well as in our extensive 544-page catalog. New products for 2003 include: e-VapÔ Mighty Source, e-VapÔ XY Programmable Sweep Controller, Aluminum Gate Valve, 200mm-300mm Rectangular Valve. MDC Vacuum Products is your source for vacuum components. For more information, please visit our website at Insulator Seal, a leader in ceramic-to-metal joining, serves the vacuum science and industrial communities. New for 2003: 40kV High Power Feedthrough. For your copy of our CD-Rom catalog, please call 1-800-548-9509.

Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
1967 S. Oregon, P.O. Box 518, Yreka, CA 96097 USA
Exhibitors: Steve Greuel, Dan Winkler, Jacquie Daniels,,
530-842-4457, Fax 530-842-9130
Nor-Cal Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of high vacuum components.

Process Physics, Inc.
305 Mathew St., Santa Clara, CA 95050 USA
Exhibitors: Peter Dusza, Hans DeJong, Jackson Leung, Max Murasako,, 408-988-8161, Fax 408-988-2206
Vacuum hardware, manipulators, synchroton shutters, monochrometers etc, oil free vacuum roughing pumps, turbomolecular pumps.

Rigaku/MSC, Inc.
9009 New Trails Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77381 USA
Exhibitors: Mark Tuff, Eric Hnath,, 281-363-1033, Fax: 281-364-3628
Rigaku/MSC is a leading resource for single-crystal X-ray diffraction hardware, software and contract services. Rigaku/MSC offers fully integrated small and macromolecule applications, Rigaku generators, X-ray optical systems, cryo-cooling devices and peripheral devices. In addition, Rigaku/MSC provides small and macromolecular structure determination services on a contract basis.

Thermo Vacuum Generators
355 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134 USA
Exhibitors: Steve Pogson , Jim Gaines,, 800 482 2485, Fax 978 921 8872
Magnetic rotary feedthroughs, SofShut Gate valves, Vacuum components.

X-ray Instrumentation Associates
8450 Central Ave. Newark CA 94560
Exhibitors: Mark Daly, William K. Warburton,, 510-494-9020, Fax 510-494-9040
X-ray Instrumentation Associates develops and sells advanced components for x-ray experimentation. Our specialty is high speed digital signal processors for x-ray detectors of all types, including Si(Li), HPGe, SDD, proportional counters and scintillator/PMT units and can cover energies from 200 eV to 1 MeV or more. We offer both stand alone units for single detectors and processor cards for detector arrays, which are available in both PXI and CAMAC form factors. Our output counting rates are unmatched in the industry and can exceed 700,000 cps/detector/second from solid state detectors and 1 Mcps from PMTs. Outputs can be either full spectra, multiple SCAs or multichannel scalers. Specialized timing applications, including scanning microprobe spectroscopy, can also be supported. We can also develop custom instruments for specialized applications.

Note: Company and product descriptions have been provided by the vendors and do not constitute an endorsement by SSRL, Stanford University or the Department of Energy.


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