CIF Dictionary
  • It is recommended you make the replacement in your local copy of abstract, before you copy and paste it to the abstract form. 
  • Greek letters have been assigned a single-character ASCII alphabetic equivalent. 
  • Greek letter codes are preceded by a backslash `\'
  • lower-case Greek letters use the code in lower case
  • Upper-case Greek letters use the code in upper case.
  • As far as possible, this is the first letter of the fully spelled name of each Greek letter.  The exceptions are marked * in the list below. 
  Lowercase Uppercase
alpha \a \A 
beta  \b  \B 
chi  \c  \C 
delta  \d  \D 
epsilon  \e  \E 
phi *  \f  \F 
gamma  \g  \G 
eta *  \h  \H 
iota  \i  \I 
kappa  \k  \K 
lambda  \l  \L 
mu  \m  \M 
nu  \n  \N 
omicron  \o  \O 
pi  \p  \P 
theta *  \q  \Q 
rho  \r  \R 
sigma  \s  \S 
tau  \t  \T 
upsilon  \u  \U 
omega *  \w  \W 
xi  \x  \X 
psi *  \y  \Y 
zeta  \z  \Z 
superscripts  Csp^3^  for Csp3
subscripts  U~eq~  for Ueq
acute accent  \'e  for é
grave accent  \`a  for à
circumflex  \^e for â
cedilla  \,c  for ç
umlaut  \"u  for ü
degree  120\%  for 120°
1.54\%A  for
1.54 Å