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28th Annual
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
Users' Meeting

Menlo Park, California  USA
October 17-19, 2001


Three concurrent workshops are planned for Wednesday, October 17, in conjunction with the Users' Meeting on October 18-19th.

Please note: Although the same registration form is used for the Users' Meeting and associated workshops, prospective workshop attendees are not required to register for and attend the Users' Meeting as well.

Thin Film Scattering (Training Center A/B)
-Chairs: Apurva Mehta, SSRL
Bruce Clemens, Stanford Dept. of Materials Science

This workshop will bring together the SSRL thin film scattering community to discuss recent results and techniques in this field. Expected topics include scattering from magnetic layers, scattering from high-K dielectric layers, grazing incidence scattering from surfaces and diffuse and specular reflectivity measurements. There will also be a discussion of the 11-3 beam line, which will become operational during the next experimental run.

Metrology with Sub-Picosecond X-ray Pulses (Training Center C/D)
-Chairs: Sean Brennan, SSRL
Jerry Hastings, BNL

SSRL and ALS are co-sponsoring this workshop. There will be two central foci for the meeting: Pulse manipulation (extension, delay and compression); and measurement of pulse length and relative time between x-ray/x-ray pulses and between x-ray/laser pulses. After several introductory talks, the participants will break into two working groups to further develop the methodologies and define the challenges inherent in dealing with such short pulses. The workshop will close with a plenary session to present the conclusions and define those areas where additional effort is needed.

On the Roles of XAS and SAXS in Structural Genomics/Proteomics (Orange Room)
-Chairs: Keith O. Hodgson, SSRL
Britt Hedman, SSRL
Hiro Tsuruta, SSRL

Synchrotron-based structural genomics and proteomics have to date focused mainly on developing methodologies for high-throughput determination of three-dimensional structure using macromolecular crystallography. This workshop will address the roles of x-ray absorption spectroscopy and small-angle x-ray scattering in providing structural and functional information in these areas. Topics for discussion will include unique contributions and goals, methodolgical approaches, as well as theoretical and experimental developments.


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