28th Annual
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
Users' Meeting

Menlo Park, California  USA
October 18-19, 2001

Vendor Exhibit

A vendor exhibit will be held in conjunction with the Users' Meeting. A variety of vendors will be on-hand to showcase their latest instruments and answer questions throughout the meeting, particularly during the Thursday, October 19, poster session. 

Vendors interested in participating should contact Lisa Dunn.  

Vendors participating (to date) include:

Note: The following product descriptions have been provided by the vendors and do not constitute an endorsement by SSRL, Stanford University or the Department of Energy.

Company Advanced Control Systems Corp.
Address 10 Old Mine Rock Way
Hingham, MA 02043
Phone 781-740-0223
FAX 781-740-4227
E-mail leobric@acsmotion.com
Exhibitor(s) Leopold Bric
Product Description Positions and motion control systems. Stepping motor controls manufacturer.

Company Applied Geomechanics, Inc.
Address 1336 Brommer St, Suite A-8
Santa Cruz CA 95062-2947
Phone 831-462-2801
FAX 831-462-4418
E-mail applied@geomechanics.com
Exhibitor(s) Gary R. Holzhausen
Product Description Since 1982 our mission has been to supply scientists and engineers with the world's most precise and versatile instruments for measuring angular position and rotational movement. Our electrolytic tiltmeters are referenced to gravity, the most stable datum of all, so they can be installed anywhere without shafts or complicated fixtures. With no mechanical moving parts to break or wear out, they deliver unrivaled performance under the most demanding conditions.

Company Blake Industries, Inc.
Address 660 Jerusalem Rd.
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Phone 908-233-7240
FAX 908-233-1354
E-mail blake4xray@worldnet.att.net
Exhibitor(s) David G. Rognlie
Product Description Blake Industries will be exhibiting Huber instruments and accessories for x-ray diffraction and crystallography with sealed tube, rotating anode or synchrotron sources.

Company BRUKER AXS Inc.
Address 5465 E Cheryl Pkwy
Madison, WI  53711
Phone 608-276-3000
FAX 608-276-3006
E-mail jmclain@bruker-axs.com
Exhibitor(s) James Phillips, Don Osten, Eva Nowakowska
Product Description BRUKER AXS Inc. supplies a comprehensive line of x-ray analytical instruments for use in home laboratories and at synchrotron sources. Our main products are goniometers and CCD detectors for x-ray diffraction and scattering experiments and associated software.  With over 400 installations world wide, Bruker has more experience than any other company in the manufacture and installation of these systems.  Bruker offers several types of CCD from the extremely sensitive 61mm square APEX to the innovative and award winning 300 mm diameter lens coupled PROTEUM 300.  Three-circle and Kappa goniometers can be used with these detectors. Alternatively they can be fitted to an existing goniometer or used stand-alone, e.g. for SAXS.  Software for single-crystal, powder diffraction, SAXS, thin films, polymer diffraction and pole figures is available. Bruker AXS and Nonium of Delft, Netherlands have recently formed a new Bruker AXS business unit named Bruker Nonius, particularly to enhance our single crystal products.

Service and training are available for all major products.

Company Brush Wellman-Electrofusion Products 
Address 44036 S Grimmer Blvd 
Fremont, CA  94538 
Phone 510-623-1500 
FAX 510-623-7600 
E-mail electrofusion@brushwellman.com 
Exhibitor(s) Edgar Patenaude and Charles Howard 
Product Description Electrofusion Products, a division of Brush Wellman, is a world leader in the fabrication of specialized assemblies made form advanced materials for the scientific, medical and commercial industries since 1966.  We are able to offer our customers improved services at competitive prices.  We are dedicated to producing Beryllium Windows, UHV Products, Sheet & Foil fabrications and services.  Our services include Electron Beam Welding, Vacuum Furnace Brazing, Atmospheric Brazing, Water Jet Cutting, Diffusion Bonding, Adhesive Bonding, Surface Treatments and Coatings, and Specialized Machining. 

Company Canberra Industries
Address 800 Research Parkway
Meriden CT 06450
Phone 203-639-2631
FAX 203-235-1347
E-mail jbarstow@canberra.com
Exhibitor(s) Jim Barstow
Product Description

Company Gammadata Scienta AB
Address Box 15120
SE-750 15 Uppsala, Sweden
Phone +4618 480 5800
FAX +4618 555 5888
E-mail robert.moberg@gammadata.se
Exhibitor(s) Dr. Robert Moberg and Dr. Thomas Wiell
Product Description Gammadata Scienta is a leading supplier of electron spectrometers for material science research. We are focusing on ultra high resolution spectroscopy and fast band mapping. Our product range also includes high resolution X-ray emission spectrometers, high intensity UV-sources and other equipment for surface science research.

Company Huntington Labs
Address 1040 L'Avenida
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone 650-964-3323
FAX 650-964-6153
E-mail jcrummey@huntvac.com
Exhibitor(s) Jack Crummey, Ken Bertken and Herb Nakatsu
Product Description Huntington offers the industry's largest selection of vacuum valves, feedthroughs, manipulators, positioning devices, fittings, flanges and roughing components. The newly designed modular positioning devices offer flexibility in choosing between manual, pneumatic and motorized applications. Custom designed chambers, manifolds, crosses and tees are supported by 35 years of experience in the vacuum industry.

Customers take full advantage of in-house electropolishing, a clean room for assembly and testing and a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) to document and support measurements and specifications.

Check out Huntington's Web Site which contains many new products including throttling valves, slit valves, high load low profile lifters, viewport shutters, rack & pinion feedthroughs, high load thimbles, modular butterfly valves, and a wider variety of electrical feedthroughs. Visit our Web Site at www.huntvac.com!

Company Kurt J. Lesker Company
Address 1515 Worthington Ave
Clairton, PA 15025-2700
Phone 800-245-1656
FAX 412-233-4275
E-mail sales@lesker.com
Exhibitor(s) Dan Smith
Dennis Sollon
Product Description Distributors and manufacturers of three-to five-axis UHV Manipulators, Heated/cooled Sample Holders, Linear/rotary Motion Devices, All-metal UHV Shut-off and Leak Valves, and 316LN Flanges with low hydrogen outgassing. Also offering a wide range of SPECS surface science equipment including a Rear View LEED, Hemispherical Analyzer, and Ion and Electron Sources. Chambers and UHV hardware (standard and custom).

Company Materials Data, Inc. (MDI)
Address 1224 Concannon Blvd
Livermore, CA  94550
Phone 925-449-1084
FAX 925-373-1659
E-mail mdi@materials.data.com
Exhibitor(s) Quintin Johnson and Jo Johnson
Product Description Located at the edge of Silicon Valley in California, Materials Data is dedicated to the creation of superior PC tools for X-ray (powder) diffraction automation and materials characterization.  MDI's scientific and technical teams produce new industry standards for the powder diffraction community.

Company MDC Vacuum Products Corp/Insulator Seal a Division of MDC Vacuum Products Corp.
Address 23842 Cabot Blvd
Hayward, CA 94545
Phone 510-265-3500`
FAX 510-887-0627
E-mail sales@mdcvacuum.com
Exhibitor(s) Peter Grassadonia and Val Robinson
Product Description MDC Vacuum Products Corporation manufactures a complete line of UHV components including: flanges, fittings, valves, roughing hardware, instrumentation, electrical feedthroughs, XYZ manipulators, rotary and linear feedthroughs, fast entry load-lock systems, all-metal sealed right angle valves and M.E.S.A. compatible rectangular gate valves. New products in 2001 include:  Soft-Start Angle Valve, 300mm Rectangular Gate Valve, Pendulum Gate Valve, Precision Magnetic Transporter, Hot/Cold Experimental Station, Transferable Experimental Station, Re-Vap Miniature Evaporation System, and our Hidden Emitter Assembly.

Insulator Seal, a leader in ceramic-to-metal joining, serves the vacuum science industry worldwide.  Standard product lines include multi-pin, coaxial, thermocouple and power feedthroughs; also breaks, viewports and custom design products. New products for 2001:  fiber optic feedthroughs, EUV-grade viewports, high-current powerboot-fitted feedthroughs, and 50-pin D-type subminiature connectors.


Company Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
Address 1967 S. Oregon St.
Yreka, CA 96097
Phone 530-842-4457
FAX 530-842-9130
E-mail ncsales@n-c.com
Exhibitor(s) Steve Greuel
Product Description Manufacturer of stainless steel vacuum components since 1962. Standard products include: NW, ISO, ASA, CF, EVAC and Wire Seal Flanges; fittings, viewports, liquid and electric feedthroughs and flexible hoses; crystal monitors, sensors and feedthroughs; manual and pneumatically actuated valves; pressure control valves; heater jackets; foreline traps; and manipulators. Custom chambers, manifolds, feedthrough collars and baseplates can be manufactured from customer specifications, sketches or drawings


Company Oxford Cryosystems
Address 220 Wood Rd
Braintree, MA 02184
Phone 781-843-5900
FAX 781-843-5945
E-mail liz@oxfordcryosystems.com
Exhibitor(s) Liz Quackenbush
Product Description Oxford Cryosystems is a leading manufacturer of open flow nitrogen and helium systems for x-ray crystallography. These systems include the Cryostream cooler and the Oxford helix. Also see Oxford Cryosystems' range of cryo accessories and x-ray diffraction software.

Company Oxford - Danfysik
Address 6 Pinewood Rd
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Phone 978-455-6761
FAX 978-455-6762
E-mail andy.broadbent@oxford-danfysik.com
Exhibitor(s) Andrew Broadbent
Product Description Oxford Danfysik supplies X-ray beamlines, components and end stations to Synchrotron facilities around the world.

Components supplied include monochromators, high quality X-ray optical systems, including mirrors up to 1.5 m long, (in conjunction with SESO), often including cooling, manipulation and bending mechanisms, chambers and stands. Standard beamline components such as slits, shutters, filters, masks and windows are also supplied.

Detectors available include, ion chambers for intensity monitoring and high quality EXAFS, and the fast, integrated, Cyberstar scintillation counter system.

Oxford Danfysik was formerly the Beamlines Group of Oxford Instruments.


Company Rigaku/MSC
Address 9009 New Trails Dr
The Woodlands, TX 77381
Phone 281-363-1033
FAX 281-364-3628
E-mail marketing@rigakuMSC.com
Exhibitor(s) Keith Crane, Mark Tuff
Product Description Rigaku/MSC, is the world's leading resource for single-crystal x-ray diffraction hardware, software and contract services. Rigaku/MSC offers fully integrated small and macromolecule applications, Rigaku generators, X-ray optical systems, cryo-cooling devices and peripheral devices. In addition, Rigaku/MSC provides small and macromolecular structure determination services on a contract basis.

Company Roper Scientific
Address 3440 E Britannia Dr
Tucson, AZ 85706
Phone 520-889-9933
FAX 520-573-1944
E-mail info@roperscientific.com
Exhibitor(s) Randy Rieger
Product Description Roper Scientific, the largest manufacturer of high-performance digital imaging systems in the world, builds a variety of detectors for synchrotron users. Our Princeton Instruments PI·LCX®, PI·SCX®, and PI·SX™ CCD cameras offer high resolution and excellent sensitivity for x-ray detection, no matter what the energy range. Numerous fiberoptic, phosphor, and direct-detection options are available. And for time-resolved experiments, Princeton Instruments PI·MAX™ intensified CCD cameras provide optimal gating control.

Company THT Group, Inc.
Address 821 Industrial Rd, Suite G
San Carlos, CA 94070
Phone 650-595-1112, ext. 102
FAX 650-595-1440
E-mail dkinkaid@thtgroup.com
Exhibitor(s) Darrel Kinkaid
Product Description Manufacturer's representative organization representing Physical Electronics Ion pumps, SAES getters, stocking distributor for ion vacuum components, valves, chambers, and heater jackets.


Company Transfer Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.
Address 2199 Warm Springs Ct., Ste. 1
Fremont, CA 94539
Phone 510-651-3000
FAX 510-651-3090
E-mail team@transferengineering.com
Exhibitor(s) Judy Ackeret
Product Description Transfer Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. provides innovative products for OEM, Production and R&D/Lab customers in the Semiconductor, Media, Sputter Deposition and R&D markets. TEAMs core expertise is in the handling, transporting, positioning and manipulation of samples, semiconductor wafers, substrates, flat panels and other materials with precision and reliability in UHV, HV and other controlled environments. Products include MESC Compatible wafer transport systems.


Company US, Incorporated
Address 6280 San Ignacio Ave., Ste. E
San Jose, CA 95119
Phone 408-363-6909
FAX 408-363-6996
E-mail sales@us-incorp.com
Exhibitor(s) Todd Johnson, Tyson Lane
Product Description US, Inc. has been serving the USA Western Region as a Manufacturers Representative for the Vacuum Technology Industry for over 25 years. US, Inc. supports all areas of vacuum technology: Semiconductor, optics, magnet media, government and university labs to name a few.


Company Varian Vacuum Technologies
Address 704 Mendocino Way
Redwood City, CA 94065
Phone 650-631-8199
FAX 650-631-8192
E-mail bill.waters@varianinc.com
Exhibitor(s) William Waters
Product Description Varian Vacuum Technologies offers a complete vacuum solution for any application. Product lines include: Ion pumps, turbo-molecular pumps, dry roughing pumps, gauging, hardware, leak detectors, and custom pumping systems. Varian also offers a variety of training courses to suit the need and expertise level of all vacuum users.

Company X-ray Instrumentation Associates
Address 8450 Central Ave
Newark, CA 94560
Phone 510-494-9020
FAX 510-494-9040
E-mail sales@xia.com
Exhibitor(s) William K. Warburton
Product Description X-ray Instrumentation Associates develops and sells advanced components for x-ray experimentation. Our line of high speed digital x-ray processing modules for Ge or Si(Li) array detectors can handle output rates in excess of 700,000 cps. We also offer a compact, inexpensive, serially controlled stepper motor drive for Huber slits, an in-hutch shutter/filter set with controller, and a differential pump with molecular beam suppression.


Product Description


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