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28th Annual
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
Users' Meeting

Menlo Park, California  USA
October 17-19, 2001

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Wednesday, October 17  - Workshops
9:00 am - 5:00 pm    Concurrent Pre-Meeting Workshops
 (additional registration required)
  1. Thin Film Scattering (Training Center A/B)
         Chairs: Apurva Mehta, Bruce Clemens
  2. Metrology with Sub-Picosecond X-ray Pulses (Training Center C/D)
        Chairs: Sean Brennan, Jerry Hastings
  3. On the Roles of XAS and SAXS on Structural Genomics/Proteomics (Orange Room)
        Chairs: Keith Hodgson, Britt Hedman, Hiro Tsuruta
5:30 pm    Post-Workshop Reception (Breezeway)

Thursday, October 18  - Users' Meeting
(Panofsky Auditorium -near the SLAC visitor center/cafeteria)


8:00 am Registration :: Light Refreshments :: SSRLUO-EC Ballot Drop Off :: Poster Set Up

Session 1

Opening Remarks (Chairs: Corwin Booth,  Ana Gonzalez)
8:50 am SSRLUO-EC Welcome/Introduction - Corwin Booth, LBNL
9:00 am The University's Role in Science and Research - John Hennessy, Stanford University President  
9:15 am SLAC Director's Welcome - Jonathan Dorfan, SLAC
9:30 am SSRL Director’s Report - Keith Hodgson,  SSRL
10:00 am Report from Washington D.C. - Patricia Dehmer, DOE-BES 
10:30 am Break (Poster Set Up / Final opportunity to vote for SSRLUO-EC)

Session 2

Materials Science (Chair: Joe Wong)
11:00 am Correlated Local Displacements: Connections Between Microscopic and Macroscopic Phenomena - Frank Bridges, UCSC
11:35 am In-situ X-ray Scattering Studies of the Solid-Liquid Interface - Christopher Lucas, University of Liverpool
12:00 pm High-Resolution Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopic Studies on the Novel Electronic Structure of High Temperature Superconductors - Donghui Lu, SSRL
12:25 pm Towards the Chemically-Specific Structure of Amorphous Materials: Anomalous X-ray Scattering from a Mo-Ge Alloy - Hope Ishii, Stanford U.

12:50 pm

Lunch (Posters on Display)

Session 3

Biology  (Chair: Hiro Tsuruta)
1:45  pm Crystal Structure of a Multidrug Resistance ABC Transporter Homolog - Geoffrey Chang, TSRI
2:20 pm Watching RNA Fold - Dan Herschlag, Stanford U.
2:45 pm Applications of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy to Molecular Toxicology - Jurgen Gailer, National Research Center for Environment and Health
3:10 pm Structure of the Viral DNA Binding Platform of HIV-1 Integrase - Julian Chen, UCSF
3:35 pm BREAK

Session 4

SSRL Reports  ( Chair: Ana Gonzalez)
3:50 pm SSRLUO-EC Activities Update - Paul Foster, Exelixis
4:10 pm SPEAR3 Status Report - Tom Elioff, SSRL
4:35 pm SSRL Accelerator Performance - James Safranek, SSRL
4:55 pm Linac Coherent Light Source Update - John Galayda, SSRL
5:15 pm SSRL Beam Line Development - Tom Rabedeau,  SSRL
5:40 pm Poster Session / Reception (in nearby tent)
7:00 pm Dinner (Western Theme Barbecue -Bring a jacket for the tent)

Friday, October 19

8:30 am Light Refreshments :: Networking

Session 5

Environmental Science  ( Chair: David Shuh)
8:50 am Quantitative Speciation of Heavy Metals in Soils Using Microspectroscopy and Microdiffraction at Synchrotron Light Sources - Alain Manceau, ALS
9:25 am X-ray Microprobe Investigations of Bacteria in Planktonic and Surface-Adhered States for Environmental Research - Ken Kemner, ANL
10:00 am XAFS Spectroscopic Analysis of As-Bearing Soil and Aquifer Sediments from Ramrail, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh - Andrea Foster, USGS
10:25 am Characterization and Reactivity of an Estuarine Soil: Partitioning of Arsenic - Benjamin Bostick, Stanford U.
10:50 am Break

Session 6

Techniques and Development  (Chair: John Miao)
11:00 am Metal Capillary Optics: Novel Fabrication Techniques and Characterization - Gregory Hirsch, Hirsch Scientific
11:30 am Resolving Magnetic and Chemical Heterogenity in Thin Films with Soft X-Ray Resonant Scattering - Jeff Kortright, LBNL
12:00 pm Local Structure of Materials from High Energy X-ray Diffraction - Valeri Petkov, Michigan State University
12:30 pm High Resolution-High Reflectivity Multilayers - Troy Barbee, Jr., LLNL
1:00 pm Lunch

There will be a meeting of the SSRL Users' Organization Executive Committee (SSRLUO-EC) immediately following the SSRL Users' Meeting.  All users are invited to attend the open session at the beginning of this meeting.

SSRL Users’ Organization Executive Committee Meeting

  2:00 pm    Open Session (Open to All SSRL Users)
  • Call to Order/Welcome Remarks/Introduction of Newly Elected SSRLUO-EC Members - Paul Foster
  • Impact of SPEAR3 Upgrade and Shutdown on SSRL Users – Keith Hodgson, Tom Rabedeau
    • Q&A
  • Other Issues
  3:30 pm     Closed Session (SSRLUO EC Only)
  • Selection of SSRLUO-EC Vice Chair for 2002 – Corwin Booth

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