Practical Aspects of X-ray Powder Diffraction
Using Synchrotron Radiation Workshop

Wednesday, October 21

8:00     Continental breakfast

8:30     Overview of synchrotron powder diffraction
            - Apurva Mehta (SSRL)

8:45     Synchrotron powder diffractometers, design and instrumentation
             - Dave Cox (NSLS)

9:30     Sample Preparation and data collection strategies
            - Richard Harlow (E.I Dupont de Nemours & Co.)

10:15    Coffee Break

10:35    Use of area detectors in powder diffraction
              - Poul Norby (U. of Aarhus)

11:20     Understanding profile shapes and extracting integrated peak intensities
              - Larry Finger (Geophysical Lab)

12:05     Lunch

1:15       Tour of SSRL beamlines 2-1 and 7-2

2:00       Structure determination I : Finding starting structures
              - Damodara Poojary (Symyx Technologies)

2:45       Structure determination II : refinement + analysis of the quality of refined structure
              - Bob Von Dreele (LANL)

3:30       Coffee Break

3:50       How to determine disordered structures from synchrotron powder data?
             -Robert Dinnebier (U. of Bayreuth)

4:35       Structural disorder and the diffraction background (20 min)
             - Angus Lawson (LANL)

4:55       Anomalous scattering by self-intermetallic compounds (20 min)
              - Angus Lawson (LANL)

5:15       Discussion and Conclusions