October 19-20, 1998

MONDAY, October 19 

Session 1: Introduction (Chair: P. Allen / LLNL)

9:00 Welcome

9:05 SLAC Director’s Welcome (B. Richter / SLAC)

9:15 SSRL Director’s Report (K. Hodgson / SSRL)

10:00 Report from Washington D.C. (P. Dehmer / DOE-BES)

10:15 SSRLUO Report (D. McKay / Stanford U.)

10:30 BREAK

Session 2: Current and Future Capabilities (Chair: P. Kuhn / SSRL)

10:50 Resolving Structural Paradoxes in Protein Photocycles (L. Getzoff / Scripps Research Inst.)

11:30 Reflections on a Year in Washington, D.C. (A. Bienenstock / OSTP)

11:55 Picosecond and Femtosecond X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy (K. Wilson / UCSD)

12:20 LUNCH

1:45 Applications of Synchrotron-Radiation Molecular Tools to Environmental

Geochemistry: What are they good for and what have we learned? (P. O’Day / Arizona State U.)

2:10 Current and Future Challenges in Materials Science (L. Terminello / LLNL)

2:35 Protein Crystal Structures from Powder Diffraction Data (R. Von Dreele / LANL)

3:00 BREAK

Session 3: SSRL Specific Reports (Chair: D. McKay / Stanford U.)

3:15 SPEAR Performance and Plans (J. Corbett / SSRL)

3:35 SPEAR3 Status (T. Elioff / SSRL)

3:55 Beamline Updates (T. Rabedeau / SSRL)

4:15 X-ray Free-electron Laser: The 4th generation light sources (C. Pellegrini / UCLA)

4:45 Poster Session / Outdoor Cocktail Reception

6:30 Banquet at the Sheraton, Palo Alto (formerly the Holiday Inn)

******** See for details and final agenda ********

Tuesday, October 20

Session 4: Environmental Session (Chair: J. Bargar / SSRL)

9:00 XAFS Studies of Elements of Environmental Concern in Coal and Coal Combustion Products (G. Huffman / U. of Kentucky)

9:25 Environmental Applications of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (R. Prince / Exxon)

9:50 Investigating Metal Ion Sorption on Alumina Using Grazing Incidence XAFS (T. Trainor / Stanford U.)

10:10 BREAK

Session 5: Materials Science Session (Chair: Z.-X. Shen / SSRL)

10:25 The Joy of Stress: Using High Resolution Diffraction to Optimize Wear Coatings (J. Bilello / U. Michigan)

10:50 What is Fermi Surface? - Recent ARPES Results from Insulating Cuprates (C. Kim / SSRL)

11:15 Pd/Cu Site Interchange and Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior in UCu4Pd (C. Booth / LANL)

Session 6: Biology XAS and SAS (Chair: M. Latimer / SSRL)

11:40 Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Evidence for a Metal-Binding Domain in Human and Xenopus Nucleotide Excision Repair Protein XPA (G. Buchko / PNL)

12:05 High-Resolution Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Where are the Electrons? Who are the Ligands? (U. Bergman / LBNL)

12:30 SAXS of Protein Folding from 10 msecs to secs (D. Segel / Stanford U.)

12:50 LUNCH
 *(interested protein crystallographers:  Roundtable discussion on regional or national approaches to reviews of protein crystallography proposals using synchrotron radiation - D. Jaron / NCRR Biomedical Technology Programs.  Location:  TBD)

Session 7: Protein Crystallography (Chair: R. Stevens / UC Berkeley)

2:00 Fun with High Resolution Data:  Refinement of GDI, a 55kD protein, to 1.04 Å (K. Zeng / The Scripps Research Institute)

2:25 Crystal Structure of a Lead-Dependent RNA Enzyme (J. Wedekind / Stanford U.)

2:50 Crystal Structure Analysis of a Gated Channel (G. Chang / CalTech)

3:10 BREAK

Session 8: Instrumentation Development (Chair: P. Stefan / SSRL)

3:25 A Pixel Array Detector for Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction (E. Eikenberry / University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)

3:45 A New High-Field Magnet Facility for Materials Physics (M. Greven / Stanford U.)

4:05 Instrumental Developments for Biological Non-Crystalline Diffraction and Low-angle Single Crystal Diffraction (H. Tsuruta / SSRL)


October 21, 1998

The following workshops will be held in parallel:
******** See for details and final agenda ********